Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Deadly Incursions

Since the American involvement in the affairs of Afghanistan, Pakistan has suffered more than any other country. The US Predator drones have been targeting targets inside border areas of Pakistan since long, despite loud and clear apprehensions of their efficacy by the general masses of Pakistan. These drone attacks have killed “suspected individuals” that number in hundreds till date. In September alone, 21 strikes were recorded by the drones.

But recently, the US helicopters have also started ingress into Pakistani air space under the garb of hot pursuit operations. Yesterday, two US helicopters made ingress into the border town of Teri Mangal in the Khurram agency and shelled the area including a security post of Pakistan, leaving three Pakistani soldiers dead. The helicopters hovered over the area for some 25 minutes, firing rockets. This is the second attack of its kind in the last few days. Earlier two US Apache helicopters violated Pakistani airspace and shelled an area leaving thirty people dead.

While the government of Pakistan has been protesting silently and the people of Pakistan openly against the drone attacks, the latest incursions by active US troops is a source of concern both for the government and people of Pakistan. The gradual step of US army’s ingress into Pakistan is totally unacceptable as it infringes upon the sovereignty of Pakistan. Killing soldiers who are fighting the US led war on terror is not understood. If such strikes continue, the morale of the Pakistani soldiers is definitely going to suffer and they may not participate in this war (not of their own) whole heartedly in future.


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