Sunday, September 3, 2017

Rohingya Muslims killing Under the Very Nose of a Nobel laureate

The world cared for a fragile looking women, Aung San Suu Kyi, who fought for two decades for her people being brutalized by the years of army rule in Myanmar or commonly known as Burma. And the world gave her a Nobel Prize for her efforts for peace in 1991. But when she walked into the corridors of power, she forgot her promises and also more than a million Muslim minority, called the  Rohingya, and left them at the mercy of the powerful military which still control Myanmar's defence, home and border affairs.

Although not the president of Myanmar, Suu Kyi is considered to be the de facto president of the country and she is consulted by world leaders on all international forums as Myanmar's representative.

Rohingya Muslims, who are living in the country for centuries have not been given the status of citizens of the country and are labeled by the powerful army as illegal immigrants. This 'entitles' the army to play foul with these innocent people, kill them at will and rape their women for their pleasure and then kill them too.

Over the past many years, thousands have perished and succumbed to the brutalities of the military - but the media is reluctant to air their voice and show the Myanmar military's brutalities and the ethnic cleansing being carried out - unfortunately right under the very nose of the Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, whom the world awarded for her peace efforts.

Not only Aung San Suu Kyi has tighten her lips to say a few words or sympathize with the poor  Rohingya Muslims, she has also very recently not allowed an Amnesty International team under ex UN chief Kofi Annan to visit the troubled area of  Rohingya Muslims and see for themselves the atrocities being committed to them.

In the meantime, Bangladesh has also stopped  Rohingya Muslims trying to enter their country after fleeing from a certain death at the hands of the military back home, if it really is home for them.Already some 50,000  Rohingya Muslims have entered Bangladesh last year.

But the strange part is the complete silence of the world community. So far only Turkey and Saudi Arabia have openly condemned the killing of  Rohingya Muslims - while UN and all champions of world peace are mum over the plight of  Rohingya Muslims at the hands of the Myanmar army.

Does this mean world has lost its conscious and left the  Rohingya Muslims to keep dying and one day wipe out from the country? Who would side them against a brutal army of present times? Why cannot the UN sanctions a peace keeping force to be stationed in the troubled area of  Rohingya Muslims and shield them against the brute force of the Myanmar army? 

Shouldn't Aung San Suu Kyi be stripped of her Nobel Prize for she has miserably failed to ensure peace in her country for which she was awarded with this prestigious prize. 

When the Taliban destroyed an age old Buddhist monument in Afghanistan, the entire world community and the Buddhists condemned the destruction - but now when Muslims are being killed, raped and massacred, no one speaks - is the world conscious sleeping? Or it is it oblivious to atrocities committed against Muslims?

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

US Dilemma: Trump finding it difficult to dismount the lion

The US finds it does not know how to dismount the tiger. The US is finding the War in Afghanistan a little too hot for its liking and why not; it was a War that remained in search of strategy and failed to find it. It’s not that I wish to gloat, nor that I want to say ‘I told you so’, but that one is forced to respond when confronted with accusations that the US failed in Afghanistan on account of Pakistan. That we were a tricky two-faced partner. Since I was closely associated with this conflict for a number of years and since I am aware of the things that happened, it is only right that people such as me must speak for Pakistan just as we fought for Pakistan.
That a hundred and fifty thousand NATO troops have been overwhelmed by the imagined hoards that Pakistan sent across the border, challenges my professional understanding of the situation. That this is the same border that neither Afghanistan recognizes and nor accepts its management or fencing, a fact that of course cannot have escaped US attention. That Pakistan has seven times the number of posts than Afghanistan and the US combined does not seem to make any headway. That Afghan communication systems are functioning despite Pakistan’s repeated requests that they be shut down while Pakistani SIMs are down and out is another moot point. 
That three Generals of the US Army promised additional border deployment with a US brigade across the North Waziristan Border remains a promise unfulfilled and forgotten. That the US unilaterally up-staked and left Nuristan and the Kunar Valley, one of the most dangerous areas on the border, creating a vacuum is a question that only they can answer. That Pakistani dissidents were given safe havens in this vacuum and encouraged to attack Pakistan is for all to see and take note of. That the MOB (Mother of all Bombs) accounted for 14 Indians from Kerala amongst the causalities was never a surprise for us. That India is permitted to have so many conciliates along the Border, and none are processing visas is an obvious aberration. That Pakistan suffered horrendous terrorist attacks from Afghanistan through these bands of militants organized and facilitated in Kunar is a no brainer. The most damning aspect of this whole sorry episode is the narco issue that no one wants to talk about. A thriving drug trade amounting to a market value of $ 38 billion is hushed up. A trade under the nose of the US, and just as they do not control 40 % of the space, the damning implication of such a drug economy cannot be ignored.
Pakistan has been a so called ally. It has captured the maximum Al Qaida operators than all countries combined. It has lost 70000 of its citizens, it has the highest military causalities, its officer dead and wounded to troop ratio is the highest in the world, its generals to troop causalities is unprecedented. The cost of war has devastated the infrastructure, caused millions of its people to be displaced and has affected the economy to the tune of $ 100 Billion. It has cleared 48000 sq Kms of its space, secured 3500 Kms of lines of communication, it has established the writ of the government in these areas, people are returning home, the forces are popular and the borders controlled. But then even as I narrate this, it also saddens me. Do the Americans not know this? Are we just a victim of not having a narrative, a victim of a bad image or slanderous Haqqani shooting off his mouth? Could it be as simple as that? No, that is not possible and I am convinced, that no amount of logic, no amount of reasoning will change the US posture towards Pakistan. 
The bias and the prejudice is despite what the US knows; the posture taken is premeditated and deliberate and therefore we must have been factored into some distant objective the US may have in mind and therefore action initiated against us must be a way to arrive at that objective. The story of the safe havens we are accused of nurturing is so close to the engineered narrative about the weapons of mass destruction that were allegedly discovered in Iraq and is so much like the standard and predictable US method to madness i.e. create a false casus-belie, broad caste it and then respond to it with a pre-planned and designated physical force, that one, at the least, cannot fault the US in being true to its form.
However, at the moment I still feel that the US is going through the motion of the good-cop bad-cop routine and if we can stare them down effectively, they may back down. Remember, the US is a bully and the bully can never be appeased; the more you please, the more arrogant he gets.
However, we are warned in the first part of the new US manoeuvre while in the second part we are to expect a troop surge of 4000 troops to make a total of 12000 men. In the confused and tentative objectives of this two pronged strategy, the US is looking for its relief, its coup de grace, and conclusion to its military adventure in Afghanistan. How? The troop numbers cannot win back the 40% of space already lost, in fact that cannot sustain the space they already have. I see these troops now resorting to fire-power, bombings and long range artillery with a high ratio of airborne component. 
The nature and character of this force does not appear to have a ground-holding capacity. So I can only conclude that it is intended to punish the Taliban from a distant. If that be true, to what purpose? To me it appears that it endeavours to put the US in a better position to negotiate a power transfer. To me it looks that this ‘Unity’ Government is about to be ditched. To me it looks that the Taliban have won a place at the table where they can secure the ways and means to be the future legitimate government of Afghanistan. To me it also seems that the Indians may be the next US proxy and who might be foolish enough to take on this role. I hope they do. My hopes are founded on the likely outcome of such a stupidity if it ever comes to it.

Coming to Pakistan; we are about to lose our privileged allied status. Were we ever privileged, did we discover any advantage or draw anything out of such a relationship? I think it is time to sever this relationship that has in fact cost us so much. So we hear of all the money and funds that the US taxpayers gave to us. I for one am thankful for their assistance, I would like to say to the people of the US that we are grateful for their contributions. However, what did we get and should we always be told of what are obligations are on account of it? Well here are the bare facts; taking the year 2009 as a constant; we have received from the US a total of $ 61 Billion. 
Working on another constant of 180 million people at the time, this translates to $10.30/ head. Surely we can do without this $10.30 , even if it did get to the people which it never did. We have also received, a total of $14 Billion since 2002 till today. Against a 175 Billion national economy, this hardly amounts to .0.5% of our GDP. Like I said earlier, we are thankful for whatever we received and would never want to look a gift horse in the mouth but in no way do we feel that we are obligated due to such an insignificant amount or for that matter any amount, nor is the US entitled to make unreasonable demands on account of it, nor can we put our sovereignty or what remains of it, at the disposal of the US, because of it. We are not for sale.
So having lost the war in Afghanistan, for which they now wish to blame Pakistan, having parked our enemy in our back yard, having closed an eye to how we have been attacked from areas under their control and now being threatened for some ulterior motive, we must seek a suitable response. In my mind, the US will do what it has decided to do regardless of any explanations we have, any reasoning, narrative or argument that we present. Whereas, our response lies mostly in the domain of diplomacy and in garnering support from friendly countries as far as possible, yet we must reserve the right and the option of responding in a reciprocal a manner if it comes to a physical conflict. 
We should be wary of the total lack of support from the Islamic countries and the so called Ummah as they have amply displayed and rely on ourselves more than anyone else. My recommendation: a warning to Afghanistan that any hostile activity emanating from its territory will be taken as an act of war. That we shall respond by causing as much damage as we can in Kabul, Jalalabad, Kandahar and Bagram. We have the range, capability and capacity; they should be wary of testing it. This may deter any adventure the US has in mind - never beg a bully!!!!

About the Author
Lieutenant general Tariq Khan (Retired), Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Military), winner of the Sword of Honour from Pakistan Military Academy and is a graduate of the prestigious National Defense University of Pakistan and has a long experience of fighting the War on Terror in the tribal areas of Pakistan and along the Pakistan- Afghanistan border. He has extensive interaction with the allied commanders employed in Afghanistan and working with top  military elite at CENTCOM. He has been one of the few Pakistan Army officers awarded with the Legion of Merit by the USA. He also has the honour of commanding one of the strike corps of Pakistan Army. He is a well read military analyst who often shares his view points, incisive and thought provoking analysis on national and international affairs.

(The views expressed above are personal of the author and do not necessarily express the opinion of the admin of this blog)


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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Grinding Pakistan - US Relations: A Rational Analysis

Much is being said about the recent statement of Donald Trump. Yes, rightfully world has to analyze his words as he commands the super power. It is also acknowledged fact that a mere presence of its 101 Air borne division of aircraft carrier changes the power dynamics of region. Is move of 7 fleet into bay of Bengal into 1971 fresh in our memory? And have we read what our president was hoping?
But we are a sovereign nation with a large army. Why should we go into panic. I am amazed that we are telling the world what we sacrificed for this war on terror – funny and shame. We need to do all for our country not to get American sympathy. We must learn to indulge in interstate relationship.
Don’t play victim to circumstances; you created. We are doing exactly the same. Let me refresh your memory of our relationship with USA. Pakistan gets independence and we run towards USA for strategic alignment, while ignoring the region. We outsourced, Badabair Air base, join CENTO and SEATO. FM, negotiates a deal with USA for military support and in the process divulges our strategic secrets. USA condones dictator for his worst act of takeover and becomes an ally. We decide to go for liberation of Kashmir and infiltrate into IHK in 1965. That is good enough. US stops your aid and we start abusing USA for not being loyal.
The then president Yayha imposes another martial law. He acts wisely and gets involved in clandestine channel to make a secret visit of Dr. Kissinger to China. They tried to pay back by pressurizing India in 1971 to spare us. We lost East Pakistan. USA claims that it helped to save the western half of Pakistan.

We again start cursing USA. In 1977, Zia takes over and he too needs USA help to get international approval. Zia opts to join AFGHAN JIHAD. We become darling of USA and billions of dollars comes in. Who had good time, is not known to us.
Then comes Musharraf’s disgraceful decision to help after 9/11. He becomes a great statesman. Again billions of dollars comes in and some of our people took reward money to headhunt Taliban including the president of Pakistan.
This is brief history of our relationship with USA. My questions:
1. Is US doing charity work in our region? They have their interests and they feel we are not doing enough. I feel it is a disgrace for a nation to be working for someone and getting financial rewards. We can ask USA please do it yourself, if we have the guts and power. 
2. Trump has spelled out his strategy for South Asia and that is his right. Why must we start fighting and ask him to acknowledge our sacrifices. Again it is disgraceful, we need to be happy with ourselves. 
3. USA wants more role for India, so it is their regional policy. It is the people and govt of Afghanistan who have to decide, whom to trust.? We gave many sacrifices for Afghanistan. We need to think as to why Afghans want more role for India?
4. USA says that we are hiding Taliban and we deny it. So let them say and we are a sovereign nation and keep doing what is in our national interest. But what is our national interest?

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings." It is all our faults. We have taken unwise and selfish decisions that we stand totally marginalized and isolated. It is good that China is one hope but now we do not want to be their colony. We never loved our country. We are into prejudices – army, civilians, democracy. We are all corrupt. We never planned for our country, see our population vs resources. And see what have we done with religion. We need to be a international law abiding nation and always take decisions for national interests.

About the Author: Brigadier Asif Aliv (Retired) is a graduate of the prestigious National Defense University of Pakistan and a well read military analyst who often shares his view points, incisive and thought provoking analysis on national and international affairs at Facebook
(The views expressed above are personal of the author and do not necessarily express the opinion of the admin of this blog)

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Contractors for Afghanistan

After years of failures in Afghanistan and getting its soldiers killed for a war for which the US was never prepared, the US has come up with a new innovative approach: Replace regular forces with Contractors, the non state actors, or so to say mercenaries and professional killers.

Lieutenant General Tariq Khan (retired), a high ranking Pakistan Army officer, who had had extensive experience in fighting in the terrorists infested northern areas of Pakistan along with the Pakistan-Afghan border has analyses the concept and opines:

So the United States has come up with a new proposal. Replace the military in Afghanistan with 'contractors'. It implies that contractors are more effective than their regular forces. These contractors would not have better weapons or more resources so how come its expected that they would deliver where conventional forces could not. The only thing that the contractors would have going for them would be that they would not be restrained by rules or law. Their application of of physical force would be unrestrained violence.

 It would also be deniable by the State, " That we don't control the contractor", this is the actual concept of the Non State Actor. I hope the US do not go down this road but if they do a legal precedence would have been established in setting up and organizing Non State Actors and no one knows how to do that better than us. 

The ramifications to the region would have terrible consequences. What argument would other States have against such organizations after all whats good for the goose is good for the gander!!!

One of the ex army colonel commenting on General Tariq Khan's assertions and view point adds: "It is also indicative of low morale of regular forces and very poor enrollment back home. Secondly, though the contractors are paid heavily but organized combat is the domain of regular military. If US implement free lance killers so many more countries will do the same. The world will become far more unsafe. Bad thinking."

Photo: Pixabay
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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Next Gulf War – Iran

By Brigadier Nadir Mir

The Next Gulf War is about the Middle East Dominance. Qatar may be the Casus Belli of the Next War Iran or maybe not.

The Gulf has become the Centre of Gravity of Larger Middle East. Parts of the Middle East are Destroyed, parts in Turmoil and parts Opulent. Whoever controls the Gulf Region, controls Oil, Gas, influences Israel, Conservative Arab Monarchies or Revolutionary Iran. USA stands challenged; Russia is back and Non State Actors galore with ISIS – Daesh spreading. 

In 2011, I wrote an article published in Pravda Moscow. ‘Next War – Iran’. This was War between Israel and Iran which was averted! In my book, ‘Geopolitik Pakistan’ published 2013, sub chapter was titled – ‘Iran on the March and Arab World Part Opulent Part Turmoil’. In 2015, I was invited from Pakistan to attend Manama Dialogue at Bahrain for Gulf Security, hosted by International Institute of Strategic Studies – one conclusion ‘Next Gulf War’ a matter of time. 

A complicated scenario because too many contenders with clashing and often unattainable aims. Many Gulf Commentators are biased and not pragmatic, only unbiased analysis can lead to positive outcome:

USA wants to retain Hegemony in the Gulf and Middle East which is slipping. American aim is to sell Massive Arms, (Military Industrial Complex), retain stable and free flow of Oil, Dollar Monopoly, Israel secure forever, and Arab Monarchies secure for now. Make America Rich Again by transferring part of the Gulf Wealth to USA. To secure Israel and Arab Monarchies, Check Russia, Iran is the Next War. Iran has recently rejected the US Dollar. This is crossing an American Red line as US Dollar Hegemony leads to Global Dominance. Kissinger can hear the Drums of War, since he set the Drum Beat – Petrodollars in the 1970s. Saddam tried Euros in place of Dollars. Gaddafi wanted Dinars to replace Dollars, their Fate is History.

Iran wants to be the Leader of the Gulf and the Middle East. It is a Rejectionist State which wants to destroy Israel and oust America from the Gulf and Middle East. Iran is in clash with Sunni Gulf Arab Monarchies. A Combined Clash of Historical Arab – Persian and Current Monarchies – Revolutionaries. Iran is united with fervor, Motivated to fight, Excels in Asymmetrical and Missile War. Backed by Russia to an extent and with Local Militant, Non State Actor Allies. It is a Proud and Cultured Nation, however, lacks the resources to dominate the region. If an all out war breaks out it could inflict Heavy Damage but will come to Grief against the combined resources of Saudi – GCC/Allies, Israel, US, EU. 
Saudi Arabia – GCC/Allies

Saudi Arabia considers itself the Natural Leader of the Gulf and Middle East. The Obama Presidency Cool Relations have been rekindled by warmth of Trump Administration. President Trump’s Team and Saudi Arabia/GCC less Qatar are determined to halt Iran in its tracks. Wrestle back Dominance of the Gulf and Middle East from Persian to Arab hands. It uses its endless Petrodollars and Bedouin Wisdom to achieve Geopolitical Ends. It cannot alone defeat Iran, or dominate the region, and needs Allies. Considers the Pakistan Military as the most Powerful Regional Force and seeks its Support.

China, EU and Japan all retain key economic interests in the Gulf and the Larger Middle East. They may not be Direct Military Participants except NATO in case of a Larger Iran Conflict.

Turkey: Aspiring Leader of Muslim World. A Rising Economy of a Beautiful County. Over all has a balancing role, closer to Pakistan. Its biggest fear is Kurdistan. It will position itself in a manner to influence all sides seeking peace in the region. 

Russia is back in the Gulf – Middle East Game and its making up for lost time since Soviet Union Days. Russia will support Iran to embroil USA in another Protracted and Bloody War. Draining America and forcing its withdrawal from Gulf – Middle East or seek concessions in Europe and elsewhere. Russia lacks the resources to dominate Gulf – Middle East itself, but it has positioned itself as a Geo strategic Player in the Region.

Israel considers Iran as the Existential Threat, aided by Allies Hezbullah and others. It is determined to destroy Iranian Nuclear Infrastructure and deny Iran the Bomb at all cost. It has been preparing for Iran War with Air, Missile and Submarines Attacks. (Read detailed article, ‘Next War Iran’ published in Pravda Moscow by Brigadier Nadir Mir – 2011 on Google). Obama Presidency never gave Green Light for Israel’s Strike. Now Israel feels emboldened by President Trump’s Policy and seeks cooperative relations with Arab States to Defang Iran. 

Daesh and Non State ActorsMajor State Actors are supportive of their own suited Non State Actors in the Gulf – Middle East. However, though squeezed on many fronts, Daesh is spreading out for Gulf, Larger Middle East and other parts of the world. War and destruction is the catalyst for more militancy and terrorism.

Pakistan should make efforts for Gulf Peace and Avoid War. Mediation along with Turkey maybe helpful. Pakistan must Defend Saudi Arabia, (more so, the Holy Sites) but not fight Iran. A Delicate Diplomatic Tightrope. Pakistan should supply humanitarian aid through Pakistan border to Iran. Retain leverage on both sides and coordinate with China, Russia and USA for Peace. Pakistan cannot remain so called Neutral or Aloof in a Major War on its Western door step which can threaten CPEC – Gwadar. (With 4 million Pakistanis sending remittance from the Gulf and oil flow essential for Pakistan’s Economy). 

In my article, ‘Pakistan New Gulf Player at Gwadar’, it had been highlighted that Pakistan’s role is Crucial for Gulf Peace. Pakistan has critical Geo-economic and Geo-strategic interests in the Gulf. Visits and role of Pakistan's Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa is Essential and Commendable for securing Pakistan’s Interests. Pakistan must also monitor Indian Developments in the Gulf as Indians are already positioning themselves in Afghanistan. Pakistan should also be prepared against possible Indian Misadventures during a Major Gulf War – Crisis.

About the author:
Brigadier Nadir Mir (R), Soldier – Scholar – Reformer 
Author of the books “Gwadar on the Global Chessboard” and ‘Geopolitik Pakistan’
He is the Chairman of Pakistan National Reform Movement (PNRM).
PNR Movement is Nationalist (Pro Pakistan) and Reformist (Pro People).
Unite Pakistan, Defend Pakistan, Reform Pakistan 

Photo: Pixabay
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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Pakistan Armed Forces Defence Budget - Myths and Facts

We in Pakistan are very fond of sharing what we listen than first challenging the authenticity of a news or information. Mark Twain once remarked, “Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.” And in contrast to what Twain said, we just do the opposite, believing the gossips that then travel down to the masses, specially when it comes to our "HUGE" defence spending. 
Politicians always twist facts and give an impression that the defence forces of the country eat away a major chuck f the budget, leaving not enough money to spend on the welfare of the people. And sure enough, the people who have never read the budget and its breakdown believe their politicians, a vast majority of which itself is unaware of the breakdown of the budget and percentage allocation to the defence budget to sustain the 6th largest army of the world.
Lieutenant General Tariq Khan (retired) is a well read general of Pakistan army who has a vast experience of combat, specially fight against terrorism, and working with the US led coalition forces during the ongoing Afghan conflict. He has a stint at the CENTCOM and is one of the few officers of Pakistan Army to be honoured with the Legion of Merit by USA. He often shares his views on the current strategic issues on TV and Facebook offering crisp and incisive analysis. Herein under, he discusses certain myths and facts about the percentage breakdown of the national budget vis a vis the defence allocation to set aside ill founded conclusions.
Myths about the Budget
Myth 1: The allocation for defence is the single largest component in our budget. Not true. The single largest allocation in Budget 2015-16 went to the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP). The second largest allocation in Budget 2015-16 went to servicing the national debt. The third largest government expenditure, including off the budget allocations, are the losses at public-sector enterprises (PSEs). Yes, the fourth largest government expenditure goes into defence.
Myth 2: The defence budget eats up a large percentage of the total outlay. Not true. In Budget 2015-16 a total of 15.74 percent of the total outlay was allocated for defence. PSDP and debt servicing were 30 percent each. What that means is that more than 84 percent of all government expenditures are non-defence related.
Myth 3: The defence budget has been increasing at an increasing rate. Not true. In 2001-02, we spent 4.6 percent of our GDP on defence. In 2013-14, twelve years later, our defence spending has gone down to 2.7 percent of GDP.
Myth 4: We end up spending a very high percentage of our GDP on defence. Not true. There are at least four dozen countries that spend a higher percentage of their GDP on defence.
They include: India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, France, Eritrea, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Liberia, Brunei, Syria, Kuwait, Yemen, Angola, Singapore, Greece, Iran, Bahrain, Djibouti, Morocco, Chile, Lebanon, Russia, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Ethiopia, Namibia, Guinea, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Algeria, Serbia and Montenegro, Armenia, Botswana, Ukraine, Uganda, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Lesotho and Sudan.

Here are some more interesting myths and facts:
Myth 5: The Pakistan Army consumes the bulk of the defence budget. Not true. In the 1970s, the Pakistan Army’s share in the defence budget had shot up to 80 percent. In 2012-13, the Pakistan Army’s share in the defence budget stood at 48 percent.
Now some facts:
Fact 1: The Pakistan Army’s budget as a percentage of our national budget now hovers around eight percent.
Fact 2: Losses incurred at public-sector enterprises can pay for 100 percent of our defence budget.
Fact 3: Pakistan’s armed forces are the sixth largest but our expenses per soldier are the lowest. America spends nearly $400,000 per soldier, India $25,000 and Pakistan $10,000.
Fact 4: Of all the armies in the world, Pak Army has received the highest number of UN medals. Of all the armies in the world, Pak Army is the largest contributor of troops to the UN peacekeeping missions.
Please pay special attention towards FACT 2 above.
I think after reading these facts and myths, those wanting to know the fact will have a clear picture of spending on defene and will be able to discuss with others with authority to dispel ill founded fears and would in fact appreciate the armed forces of Pakistan for maintinag itself with such meager resoucres but still keeping its flag high. 

Views shared above are that of Lieutenant General Tariq Khan (Retired), and can be debated if so desired.

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Beware of Linguistic and Cultural Terrorism

Fourth Generation War is essentially a civilian (non-military) doctrine which is characterized by attack on ideology, culture and social values, small combat actions by non state actors, media and information warfare and psychological operations. In such warfare the media persons and journalists are purchased for propagating a set pattern of information and the target nation is broken into various segments on racial, sectarian and linguistic grounds. 

Recently, there has been an adaption of many Hindi words for which already alternatives in Urdu exist. But our writers and TV channels, mostly having loyalties and funding from India, prefer to use the Hindi words to express their linkages with India.

Herein under are some of the examples of many words being replaced:

ابتدا                  شروعات
تقریباٌ                     قریب
انتخاب                    چناو

کشیدگی                    تناو

نظر آتا ھے        دکھتا ھے
سوکن                    سوتن

خُدا  ۔  اللّٰہ تعَالٰی      اُپر والا

"پتنی کی ہتھیا کو آتما ہتھیا میں بدلنے والا چمتکاری پتی"

It is time now that we start to ponder over even minor things, which we otherwise tend to ignore, specially when it comes to copying words from Hindi and innocently incorporating into our daily usage. If this trend continues unabated and unchecked, I am afraid one day we would revert to Hindi rather than Urdu which was born to suit the Muslim rulers of India, and one day our children will be speaking more of Hindi and less of native languages.

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