Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Evening Reflections

It was just the sunset time that evening, which usually makes me photographic werewolf, but I was without my camera. I normally carry it when I go out lest I miss a golden opportunity to be frozen through my lens. But this was not that day. But the setting sun stopped me in my tracks. The sun was behind the huge electric pylons and its pale light was falling on a pool of water left out by the previous night’s rainfall.

I was mesmerized and spellbound by the scene. I stood there, all by myself out in nowhere, watching the pale yellow disc going down slowly, making the environment more ghostly and dramatic. I even forgot that at least I was carrying my cellular phone. While watching the sun and cursing me for not carrying the camera, I suddenly remembered my good old cell phone. I hurriedly got hold of the cell phone and took this shot. Surprisingly the photo came out tremendously great.

I shared this on my Flickr account Jalalspages, and the photo was instantly picked by the Flickr Explore – a commendation, thanks to my cell phone that came handy in preserving this great sunset and moment around me.


Whoa. You are too active with your write ups. This is actually a good thing.

And even better bit is this photograph that you took from a cell phone. Too splendid.

It's always a pleasant feeling to capture something which has overwhelmed us.

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