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Read this if your snoring annoys your spouse

Most spouses are fed up of their partners when they snore while sleeping. Generally it is the wife who is at the complaining end. But studies show that there is no difference as four of ten men were found snoring while three out of ten women snore. Thus snoring is not a men-specific sleeping disorder. It can happen to anyone. The only difference is that generally men go to sleep no sooner they hit the bed, while women take time to sleep or have shorter sleep periods. And when they are awake, they attribute their sleeplessness to the snoring of their husbands.
Whoever snores, it is annoying. But before we go on to see the remedial measures; we need to know why we snore anyway. Well talking in the language of doctors, snoring is caused by the narrowing of patient’s airway, either from poor sleep posture or abnormalities of the soft tissues in your throat. This narrow airway obstructs smooth breathing and thus causes this annoying sound, we call snoring.
Having said we must know some common reasons of this uncontrollable sound that annoys our partners, before we discuss the remedies. There are many, but I am just listing a few and the most common.
  • Well too bad for men that they have biologically narrow air passage ways, which obstructs their air intake and causes snoring. By the way a narrow throat, enlarged adenoids and a cleft palate, which are usually hereditary are said to be causes of snoring.
  • As we grow older, our air passage ways start to get narrower, making us to snore.
  • Those of us, who have sinus and nasal problems, are likely to snore more than the rest. These two diseases in fact create a vacuum in our throat that results into snoring.
  • And a heart breaking disclosure for the obese and the overweight. Their fatty tissues and muscle tone makes their breathing difficult and make them snore.
  • Doctors even warn smokers, people on medication and even alcholoists as they may also fall victim to snoring.
  • And last of all and perhaps the major cause for snoring is our sleeping posture. Those of us who sleep like the kings, that is sleeping on their backs snore more than those who do otherwise. Sleeping flat on one’s back relaxes the throat flesh to relax and thus block the air passageway.
Now the harder part – how to get rid of snoring. Well the easiest way not to disturb your partner from your snoring is to sleep alone in the other bedroom or on the couch in the TV room. This is the easiest, but the deadliest as well as it will have a major blow on your relationship as man and wife. But at the same time, there can be no compromise if a person sleeping next is sleeping, enjoying and fuming like a steam engine. And poor you, standing on the platform, waiting for the snoring train to go away so you could get aboard the sleep train. So here some remedies and I hope some or at least one of these would work to get rid of the snoring of your spouse. 
  • The first and the foremost is to change your sleeping posture. From a lie-flat-on-back to adopt a side-sleep posture. For some it may be difficult as they have been sleeping like this since their childhood. Well time is now that a change is needed. If you find difficulty in adopting a new, try the tennis ball technique. Though funny to listen to, but very effective to allow you the change of posture. Simply sew a tennis ball at the back of your sleeping suit pajama and then try to lie flat as you did previously. Would you? No way as the ball under you won’t allow you do that. So per force you will lie on your side. Simple!! May be difficult to start with but you may overcome it and help stop snoring, for the comfort of your spouse.
  • Don’t take coffee or alcohol before going to bed. Instead eat a slice of bread with any digestible non-sugary spread, as a sugary thing would add to your blood sugar level. Or else drink a half cup of milk before bed, as it clears air passageways.
  • Eating yogurt daily is also attributable to help arrest snoring.
  • Better join some gym or go for jogging or any exercise to reduce your weight.
  • Ever heard of Eucalyptus Tea? Well someone once recommended me this for shortness of breath. Now doctors recommend this for clearing of air passages and easy breathing. Simply boil two leaves of Eucalyptus in boiling water, drain when reasonable cold to drink. It works.
  • While changing your sleeping posture sideways helps. But those who are prone to sleeping on their back, if the tennis ball thing doesn’t work, they may simple elevate their head by putting pillow under their necks, thus assuming a half-sitting, half lying position. This way the pressure on the air passage ways will be reduced, making breathing easier. This may also help in arresting occurrence of snoring.
These are just a few tips and common remedial measures. Try these and may be one out of the ones listed may help and ease away he way for your spouse to have a sound sleep too. But if nothing works, you’d better seek professional medical help from your family doctor or a consultant.


Final solution: Get a sleep study done and see if you have sleep apnea.

I never used to snore until eight years when I started to snore. One of the aspects of snoring is that one is severally deprived of REM sleep. Which makes one really tired during the course of the day.

During my sleep study my oxygen level down to 85% which meant that I was clinically dead for few seconds because of utter lack of oxygen in in my heart, lungs, and brain. This leads to brain kick starting your body which makes one move his sleeping position.

Snoring and sleep apnea causes a lot of serious medical problems which includes cardiac arrest, high BP, high cholesterol, kidney problems and memory lose.

For the past six years I have been using CPAP/C-flex machine whenever I go to sleep. This machine is extremely quite and definitely helps one go to sleep. It has helped.

The biggest problem with CPAP/C-flex is patient non-compliance. According to my doctor, I'm a poster child for remedy for sleep apnea.

Prior to me get a sleep study done I tried several natural and unnatural remedies, which included, sleep posture, etc. Nothing worked!

I think the Pakistani remedy for anything always involves food of some type but we haven't accepted the problem yet since wast majority of health problems are caused by foods. :) :)

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