Monday, November 29, 2010

Celebrating 100 Posts with Petunia

Photo: Jalalspages (Flickr)
Today I am celebrating the completion of 100 posts in my blog with one of many favourite flowers, Petunia. The blog that I started in July this year reached 100 posts yesterday. So it is a big day for The Fire Within.

Petunia is a beautiful flower, with vivid and lucid colours, that is a spring’s specialty, specially for home gardeners. It comes in red, blue, mauve, mixed red and white (above) white and pink. Every year, my wife makes it a point to plant at least 4-6 colours of petunia in our home garden.

This time it being our first year in our new house, we have planted five colours of petunia to bloom in the coming spring. I may add here that petunia is planted in the month of Novemebr and dtarts to appear by end February and is in full bloom in March-April. Petunia remains fresh and lively till May, when it starts to decline and wither away.


Happy celebrations with such a beautiful flower.

That was a nice post lovely flower.

Contect: Sana Ahamed

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