Friday, December 3, 2010

Fallout of Wikileaks – Shouldn’t we wake up?

It is Wikileaks everywhere around the world as no one seems to have been spared in this dirty game. Everyone who is someone is listed in the leaks. Even something said informally has been “noted” and conveyed to the appropriate agencies and authorities for their impact and analysis on future relations.

As for Pakistan, the feared connections have been unveiled. People in the streets always had reservations on the growing number of guests from USA visiting Pakistan very frequently and “holding bilateral talks and discussing matters of mutual interests.” Now we know what these matters of mutual interests are. Those who matter the most convey their feelings, obsessions, fears and reservations not to the concerned person, but to the US ambassador, who in turn graciously reassures the complainant with support and help.

This amply highlights the fragile government in place and the concerns about the future of the power players. The move of US ambassador inside the country is more than the president and the prime minister. The ambassador is seen holding talks with anyone who is someone every other day. Even the visiting guests are seen attending briefings on projects even in the remotest areas of the country.

The military-civil relations seem to be on their lowest level as both seem to fear each other or have reservations on other’s actions. Due to the mistrust and credibility status of the present government, the military still seems to be holding on to the actual reins of the power and “guiding” the democratic government on every issue. While such moves may be a blessing in disguise as the government doesn’t seem to be holding on firmly on the routine affairs, what to talk of matters of national security and concern.

The leaks also expose what others, especially our trusted friends think of our leaders. Their concerns also expose their concerns for us and tell us more than what a common man otherwise thinks of. The statements attributed to the rulers of some of the Arab countries look like warning shots, made with concern in view of the future progress and prosperity of the country. These statements have exposed the hollowness of our relations internationally.

I wonder if our politicians are going to learn a lesson from all what is in the air today. Most of them seem to be engraved in their own obsessions and do not seem to be much concerned except putting the blame on the other. And if God forbids things go out of their hands to handle the affairs of the country, they would simply vanish from the scene and would be found living in the palatial palaces and resorts in foreign lands, leaving the country in a state of chaos.

I think, and am sure most of the people would also be thinking the same way, that time has come that we have to choose a future course of action for us. Our over-tilt towards the unipolar world needs to be redefined. We cannot go on towing the lines and dictation from others blindly anymore. We need to assess our weaknesses and vulnerabilities passionately, logically and in the best interest of the country and not in the interest and future of the dynastic political parties and their political survival. We need to draw our future road map now based on ground realities rather than misconceptions which have led us to this abysmal state.


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