Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The dying blind dolphins of the Indus

The river Indus is home to extremely extinct and endangered species of the blind river dolphins. Although river dolphins are also found in other countries like Brazil, Vietnam, India, and Korea, but the unique feature of the Indus Dolphins is that they are blind, owing to which these are also called the blind dolphins. These dolphins are recognized by their rather long beak which thickens toward the tip.

Recently these have been threatened by the polluted water in the River Indus which flows in unchecked from factories located near the rivers. The dumping of industrial effluents and other domestic waste is constantly on the rise and a stage has now come that even the river water is not being considered safe for human consumption.

While it is harmful for the humans, it is also taking a heavy toll of these poor dolphins and are dying due to the highly contaminated water of the river. Over the past two weeks almost half a dozen dolphins have been spotted dead on the banks of the river between the Sukkur and Guddu barrages. It is with a heavy heart I saw these beautiful dolphins lying lifeless on along the river banks.

Like all other areas of concerns, where we have since surpassed the deadlines to take stock of the situation, the contamination of water of the river Indus has crossed the international standards of safety. While this will adversely affect the people drinking the river water, it has already started to take a heavy toll of these blind dolphins which are already on the verge of extinction. Unless immediate steps are initiated to stop the industries from releasing contaminated industrial waste into the river, we are up for a big disaster, both for the people and the poor blind dolphins.

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