Monday, February 7, 2011

The last dying words for the US President

The gory account of a US citizen “turn diplomat” who sprayed a volley of fire on two youngsters in Lahore on 27th January 2011 and killed them on spot is very painful and sad. The so called diplomat even called for a backup when he saw crowd gathering, when he was taking photos of the dead men lying on the road. The backup vehicle crushed another man to death before running away from the scene of crime. Raymond Davis, or whatever his actual name is, was arrested and is in police custody and the case is pending in the court.

But the irony is that the US government is pressurizing Pakistan to release their “diplomat” who at the time of entry into Pakistan wasn’t one. The pressure surmounting on the family of deceased by the local authorities to “forgive” the US citizen is so much that it seems very likely that the murderer would be let free and allowed to fly home safely.

The sad story took yet another heartbreaking turn when Shumaila, the widow of one of the slain young men Faheem, losing any hope of getting justice, swallowed poisonous pills and was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition. There she recorded her concerns loud and clear before taking her last breath. A wife of six months died since she knew the US is the mightiest and no ordinary country like Pakistan would dare trying a US citizen no matter how heinous crime he may have committed.

In the video above, Shumaila said, "I do not expect any justice from this government," in a statement recorded by the doctor before she died. "That is why I want to kill myself."

While the US claims to be champion of democracy and is fighing war all over the globe to restore peace and is torturing countless people in prisons, it wants its won people let free and absolved of any crime that they may have committed – such are the ways of the strong and the mightiest.


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