Thursday, March 24, 2011

Desecration of Quran

When a mob of illiterate or radicals storm a church, no one appreciate the gesture – rather it is condemned in most strong words and authorities are asked to take action against the hooligans for blasphemy. One only pities such people who out of ignorance, emotional charging and sheer illiteracy bring harm to one the religions of book of the God Almighty. Such people are not to be pardoned as they take law into their hands and make self judgments made purely due to their prejudices and hate. 

But when in the land of literates and open minded people and one of the biggest democracies of the world where there is freedom of speech and freedom action, one finds a pastor, a priest or a man revered by the community to teach them religion through the Holy Bible, spews venom against another religion of book, one wonders what use is this education, freedom and democracy.

When the priest Terry Jones, who perhaps wants more fame to him and who wants his name to be included in the Guinness Book of the Word Record for publically and officially burning the copy of the Holy Quran, a revered book by the Muslims, the same way the Holy Bible is to the Christians, one is awestruck, enraged and furious.

And how come a priest is allowed to hold a “court” against a holy book in a church, when the judicial system of the USA is propagated to be the supreme in the land?  And what is the rationale of holding a holy book responsible for any act which is also been condemned by the majority of the Muslims around the world? Would burning the Quran finish the religion of Islam? Does the priest consider Islam is only contained in the Holy Book?

Perhaps the emotionally charged priest forgot that unlike Christianity, Islam is not merely a religion, it is a way of life. It not only teaches its subjects to be righteous and pious, it also tells them how to live a life, even elaborating to them the routine matters of daily life like inheritance, trade, divorce, marriages, interest and much more. By burning the Holy Quran, the message of God Almighty cannot be stopped from being spread.

Perhaps the priest is afraid of fast pace with which Islam being spread in USA and Europe after Christianity. It is the message of peace contained in the Quran that attracts non Muslims to it and unlike the notion that Islam was spread by the sword, one can see for oneself that the Islam continues to spread even today without sword. No one is compelled to embrace Islam, it is the light contained in the book that attracts others to it.

While I along with all Muslims, even enlightened Christians strongly condemn Terry Jones’ action of burring a copy of Quran in a church of Gainesville, Florida, let the priest also understand that church too is a house of God and an extremely unholy act of such kind will be condemned forever, even by his own conscious, unless he is a lunatic with no control over his actions. 


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