Thursday, April 7, 2011

America’s Libyan Adventure

When the unrest in Yemen, followed by the same in Egypt started, many believed it to be the start of long chain-reaction, planned very systematically to target some bigger targets in the final end game plan. The Coalition (read American) adventure into Libya was probably the first step in this regard.

While the processions were unarmed in Yemen and Egypt, suddenly the entire street power against Colonel Qaddafi looked armed with all types of weapons. How come the anti-regime people get so many weapons in a country where intelligence network counts and monitors ever single move of a suspected rebel? I don’t have to answer the question as even the most naïve students of international studies would guess the source, and they won’t be wrong at all.

Secondly, the UN seemed to be just ready to ask the US heavy Coalition forces to launch aerial attacks on government assets in support of the rebels. The US administration too was so ready that the president even did not bother to take the Congress in confidence before embarking upon yet another fresh adventure after Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Congressmen rightly showed their anger for being left out. “I think [the President] has a duty and an obligation to come to Congress,” Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz told The Huffington Post. “I see no clear and present danger to the United States of America. I just don't. We're in a bit of the fog at the moment as to what the President is trying to ultimately do.” US Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich has said the US involvement in the intervention in Libya lacks constitutional authority. It’s illegal. “The President has no constitutional basis for the order that he gave sending armed forces into combat over Tripoli,” he explained. “We are in a fourth war, fourth front, you have to count Pakistan plus Iraq and Afghanistan. When do these wars end? The United States does not have unlimited power here. We have to be very careful about making it appear that we are looking for opportunities to strike inside Muslim nations.”

Those who have been reading the American adventures into the Muslim world have predicted very correctly that after taking out countless billions of barrels from Iraq, the US is now eyeing the oil reserves of Libya. The rebels are being facilitated to reach to the oil rich areas and take control of the oil well. All along this has been Qaddafi’s concern who had said on many occasions that the West and specially the US wants to take over the oil reserves of the Muslim world, Libya being the first one.

Already as per news reports, a first tanker has reached the rebel-held eastern Libyan port of Tobruk to load up one million barrels of crude oil. Libya previously exported nearly all of its crude oil to Europe. The shipment is meant for Qatar, the only Muslim country, heavily under the influence of the US, which is aiding and supporting the Coalition forces in Libya. Who would bag the $120 million deal is anybody’s guess. This illegal shipment of oil, right under the nose of the UN, is a clear violation of sovereignty of a country and its national wealth. Rebels or anti government forces do not have any right whatsoever to plunder national wealth.

But since the UN too is an organization, heavily under the influence of the Wes, specially the US, it has chosen to give a blind eye to what all is taking place in Libya. I am no fan of Qaddafi and would very much want a democratic process to change the present setup, the attitude of the West, the US and the UN is more perturbing as they seem to be hell-bent to loot yet another Muslim country before moving on to next.

Many have already started to guess who could be the next on the list; Syria or Iran. US has been trying its best to lay its hands on Iran under the garb of controlling this “radical Islamic state” from possessing the nuclear weapons. As if the undisclosed nuclear arsenal of Israel is not a threat to peace and stability in the region. It looks as if the US and the UN is only worried about the Muslim country, their form of governments, their strategic assets and natural wealth.

Adrian Salbuchi, a political research analyst I of the view that these three countries, Libya, Syria, Iran are the main countries that will not align themselves automatically with global power elites or the western powers’ interests in the North of Africa and the Middle East, as, for example Egypt, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait will do.

Thus, subjugating and controlling Iran and its close ally Syria seems a very probable assumption being the next US targets in the area. It is also anyone’s guess that on whose behest the US is taking adventure after adventure in the otherwise very volatile Middle East. All fingers point towards Israel, which would sigh a breath of relief if all potential enemies that can threaten Israel are either destroyed or shrunk to mere puppet states as Iraq has already become. What does US gets in return? Cheap or free oil of course to help resolve its energy crises, besides controlling the vast reserves of gold and uranium.

US has always failed in its misadventures starting from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. The adventurists in the US are playing up with the tax payers’ money by sustaining its forces overseas on the pretext of saving America. The save America card seems to be fast running out of its steam as the more the USA is getting involved into regions involving hard core Muslims countries, the more problems it is creating for itself at the cost of lives of its military personnel and the American money.

As the pounding by the Coalition continues, so does the ambiguity and uncertainty about the whole issue. Where would this cycle end, no one is really sure. But any further delay in resolving the ongoing issues in the Middle East would make things more volatile and difficult for the world community, which for its benefits is continuing to nod to the US assertions, fears and so called counter-actions on the pretext of bringing peace in the region. In fact the Coalition Forces by siding with the rebels have become a direct party to the cleverly conspired civil war in Libya, which will have far reaching ramification on the politics, peace and stability of the region, besides affecting the world oil trade.



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