Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paving way for the end game

The post PNS Mehran attack scenario leaves much to ponder. The deliberately planned attack by a handful of highly trained terrorists, laced with detailed information of the naval base which resulted into the destruction of two of the three P-3 Orion aircraft has had its message given to us very clearly: The nest is your nukes as you are incapable of ensuring even your armed forces installations.

And as expected, the “world” has showed its “concern” over our inability to protect our strategic assets. And if a naval base cannot be protected, the world powers suspect seriously our ability to protect our nukes. And this the end game that is about to unfold in days to come.

Now going back from the day Pakistan tested its nuclear devices in 1998, the world scene started to change. The 9/11 drama was staged to come closer to Pakistan by maligning a shady organization known as Al Qaeda, which no one for sure knows of its actual roots and even its existence. Was Osama its shadowy figure head while all affairs of Al Qaeda were planned and executed by someone else are the questions everyone is wanting to know.

The Iraqi invasion under the garb of searching for its WMDs, which were never found despite tall claims and assurances to the UN by USA and its allies and finally forcing a resolution from UN to allow invasion of Iraq. And when nothing was found, the guns turned to Afghanistan as all strings attached to 911 were said to be linking to Afghanistan, Taliban and Al Qaeda. Thus the so called NATO forces came more closer to Pakistan, just across its borders in Afghanistan.

And since then, Pakistan has been blamed for harbouring militants, Taliban and Al Qaeda in its territories that have been coming into Afghanistan and killing the NATO troops, or should I say the US troops. This followed by drone attacks into Pakistan, which mostly killed civilians. Whether these attacks killed militants is a big question mark as no neutral body was ever allowed to investigate such claims. Under the garb of technical assistance, many CIA agents infiltrated into Pakistan’s life and we came to know of their existence after Raymond Davis case. 
In the meantime, while Pakistan Armed Forces were kept busy in the northern areas to hunt the militants, the terrorists had a free run in Pakistan killing Pakistanis God knows for what purpose. But many still claimed and feared that these terrorists attack inside Pakistan are nothing but to create de-stability and chaos in the country, something preplanned and covertly executed by we all know who.

The Osama operation, which has risen many a eye brow even in the USA was one of the few acts towards the end game. The midnight operation demoralized the country and made them question the ISI and the Army for their ignorance – something which was planned so and much desired. And the PNS Mehran case is the latest in the end game show – a covertly planned operation to allow the world to show its reservations on Pakistan’s inability to protect its strategic assets.

I take a break here and say a few words about the US legislation titled Lugar-Obama Act which was was passed in 2009 and was in fact a continuation of Nunn-Lugar Act of 1991. Although the 1991 bill talked of providing security to the nukes of a country, the 2009 amendment through Lugar-Obama Act expanded the legislation to sting operations to confiscate the nuclear weapons. Now this is the end game legislation.

An environment conducive for taking over nukes of Pakistan which was planned years ago is now being made ripe, especially after the OBL and PNS Mehran attack, and many such incidents and attack will be “staged” in days to come to finally impalement the Lugar-Obama Act by taking over nuclear arsenal of Pakistan. 

Now is the time, the LAST TIME, that our government and the armed forces take cognizance of the precarious situation we are lead to and take extreme and intensive measures to thwart any GHQ or PNS Mehran style adventure anywhere in Pakistan. Because any such or more adventures by terrorists would put Pakistan in an extremely awkward situation and when hit with the wall, the UN would ask Pakistan to surrender its nuclear assets for safe custody by international forces. 

And any resistance by Pakistan in such a scenario would “force” the international community aka USA to take control of our nukes forcibly through OBL type operations. In such an eventuality, it would be an open war with USA, which would have very serious and far reaching ramification for Pakistan and its future.

A nuclear arsenal robbed Pakistan will be a mere platter for India with its huge war machinery to be subdued. The Balochistan unrest, cleverly and covertly planned by enemies of Pakistan is another end show scenario for Pakistan. Unless we rise to the occasion and every Pakistani must understand the realties of the time. The only Muslim nuclear power country has never been digested by the international community and while India’s nuclear status has been accepted, Pakistan is continued to be denied of the same for obvious reasons.

I have been airing my views in my earlier posts, and would continue to do so to raise the common man’s conscious and that of the people who are at the helms of the affair today to accept the bitter realities that are haunting us today and taking us towards the very end game, unless we shun our petty difference and stand united to the threat to us and our future generations.


The end game scenario has been very correctly visualized.In fact after Abbottabad and Karachi mishaps most pieces of the jig saw puzzle are in already in place and little doubt is left of the final picture.
Having said that,nothing is to be gained by blaming US India or Israel for the horrible mess we find ourselves in.We have failed to put our own house in order since the days of Afghan Jehad.Dozens of Jehadi outfits continued to operate all over the country with impunity. They had seriously challenged the writ of the state much before 9/11. The state of Pakistan repeatedly failed to reign them in when they tried to establish their particular brand of sharia in parts of the country or indulged in wanton acts of sectarian killings.Today all major acts of Islamic terrorism any where in the world are found to have their roots in Pakistan.When accusing fingers are raised at Pakistan we must take remedial action rather than habitually getting into the denial mode. Therefore it would be prudent to set our own house in order before bracing to take own the whole damn world in a self destruct mode.

I agree in totality with your views. We must put our mismanaged house in order ASAP. Terrorists are terrorists - there cannot be lesser or moderate terrorists as the notion is being used. Anyone holding a weapon, not authorized, is to apprehended. And as said, all Jehadi organizations, whether good or bad, be banned instantly. Let only the government has its writ - no one else.
Thanks for comments.

Sir we cant fight against terrorism.The only solution is negociate with the Talibans and Al-Queda elements, remembering,please, that these people defeated one supperpower and brought other one to its nees,forcing it to sue for a negociated,peace which are under way in Qatar.

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