Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Buy Gold Coins - and be rich

Gold has always been man’s weakness. Since time immemorial, gold has attracted men and women to this precious yellow shinning metal. Why gold became to be so important is not known, but people gather gold because the gold price never deprecates. The gold is such an attractive commodity that even the value of paper currency is invariably controlled by the value of gold and gold price. While the value of paper money goes down due to inflation and many other reasons, the price of gold always appreciates.

I remember the price of gold at my marriage was only $ 50 per 100 grams, but now it has gone above $ 590. Had I invested in gold at that time, I would have been far richer than today. Even comparing the price of gold from July 2 till date, there has been an increase of $ 68.

So buying gold can be a way to leverage oneself against the economic collapse of economies. Now that the dollar index is getting hit again, gold is nearing its all-time high. So buy gold when price of gold plunges to make gains when it recovers. And what better way of buying gold in the form of gold coins than in its any other form. The spot gold market is the right place to buy the gold coins that not only adds to your collection of gold coins as a hobby, it also boosts the value of your investment.

But one has to ensure that all buying is done from reliable and reputed gold spot dealers as there has been many an instance where people have been robbed of their investments when dealing with fake dealers and coin sellers.


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