Friday, October 21, 2011

US has no EVIDENCE of ISI involvement in US Embassy attack

Shared from: Imposing Headlines

Those who watched US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an interview with TV anchors of Pakistan on the state run Pakistan Television would have got a surprise of their lives when one of the anchors asked her a direct question.
A leading anchor of a private TV channel Mr Hamid Mir asked the visiting dignitary whether US had a proof of Pakistan's secret service ISI's involvement in the attack on US embassy in Kabul through Haqqani network. The answer was something that surprised everyone. M/s Clinton first answered that she wasn't aware of any such thing. Then she categorically said, "US has no evidence to that."

This revelation is really surprising and amazing, since the US media has been flashing headlines by senior officials of the USA alleging Pakistan's involvement since the attack. This is realpolitik !!


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