Monday, April 2, 2012

The deathly bridges of Northern Area

Pakistan is a God gifted country - a country that abounds in natural beauty, treasures and uniqueness. But it is a pity that people living in the remote areas of Pakistan are subjected to such hard living conditions that only a few can see and comprehend. The poor state of communication infrastructure obscures many areas which otherwise tourists from around the world would like to visit and appreciate the virgin natural beauty of Pakistan, specially its northern areas.

The roads in the interior of the country, specially the Northern Areas, now called the Gilgit-Baltistan,  are almost non existent and so are bridges over numerous water channels and roaring rivers that crisscross the country. If one happens to be visiting the Northern Areas, many a hanging bridges are seen erected over rivers, mostly courtesy of the Japanese government. The efforts of our own government seem utterly deficient and a high state of apathy and negligence on the part of the related government organizations is clearly visible from the dilapidated conditions of the communication infrastructure, specially the hanging bridges.

While surfing through YouTube, I came across one such bridge, which if referred to as "Pull-e-Sirat" will not be incorrect. Despite its very poor state of maintenance, the poor people of the area are forced to use it to keep the lifeline of their families intact, at the very cost of their own lives. I wonder what these people do when someone falls sick and is to be carried across the river over these badly maintained bridges. Even seeing the video one is awe stricken and one really has to cross the bridge with roaring and gushing water underneath - where even a wrong stepping can lead to sure death. I really commend these people to gather courage everyday to cross over such deathly bridges to maintain and sustain their lives.

Watch the video below:

This is one of the many such bridges which are in this precarious state of maintenance and require urgent attention of the concerned departments and the politicians who make promises with these people for a better life to get their votes and then forget about them till next elections.

I wish someday someone comes to address the plight these poor people and provide them with well maintained ridges or even erect trolley systems so that the poor people of the area are connected to the road-head to maintain and sustain their lives.

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