Saturday, July 21, 2012

Here comes Ramadan - a month of Profiteering, Fleecing and Feasting - not Fasting

It is month of Ramadan again - a month with a chance to cleanse the faithfuls of the sins and the wrong deeds committed in their past lives.

Ramzan Mubarak 2010
Ramadan Mubarak [ Calligraphy by prakash6164 Flickr ]

Suddenly we will find mosques full to their capacity, specially in Jumma congregations and the 'Isha' prayers to offer 'Travih.' We will also see 'faithfuls' crying on TV shows and begging forgiveness. Well we all will be part of these rituals we undergo each year.

But do we really cleanse ourselves? do we really become better human beings during and after this month? Just have a round of the market place and you will find out.

No sooner the moon is sighted, the prices of all commodities - the daily use commodities, specially fruit, meat, milk start to sky rocket. The road side vendors selling 'Pakoras' mushroom everywhere, fleecing people at their leisure and pleasure. The government owned stores, which boast of reduced prices on essential commodities have empty shelves.

Suddenly, the FaceBook and Twitter are full of messages of advising others to be good - but what about us? Do we act upon all those things we publish on social media too? Not really, I am confident.

The ministers and the ones responsible for the price check and available of essential commodities are seen issuing statements of their satisfaction over the overall price mechanism and management and nonavailability of essential commodities - while the situation on ground, specially the so called 'sasta bazaars' is entirely different - as if by changing the name into Urdu would make these bazaars real cheap.

And then there are anchors and hosts, specially 'imported' to lead forgiveness prayers, dressed in expensive attire, entirely contrary to the teachings and spirit of the Islam. Like the pied piper, they make  heart touching sermons to let people weep and cry, while they are paid handsomely for their services. Why do we forget, that a tear falling down from a sinner sitting in a dark corner of his/her house is more liked by the Almighty than a show-off, where people praise the host for his/her eloquent sermons and services to the religion.

And as Ramadan comes, there are Iftar and Seher deals offered by many eateries around the country. They fleece in the name of 'all you can eat' with hefty price tagged packages and make lot of money. For the eatery owners, it is month of 'fleecing' not 'fasting.' The menus are mouth watering, but one should understand that the month is for 'fasting' not for 'feasting' as a majority of food lovers throng these offer-offering eateries and wait for hours to 'make best of the package deals.' I have seen people eating much more than their stomachs can fill but they say they have to cash in the deal to its fullest.

And what about the Satan inside us? Is he really chained during this holy month? Well not really. The Almighty provides us a chance to harness the Satan inside us by cleansing us of his menace. It is our will power to overcome by fasting, helping others and doing less rather no harm to others. But how difficult it is for us to take away this evil from within us. Last Ramadan on 27-28th Ramadan, a few 'Satan laded faithfuls' broke into my house soon after breaking the fast and stole away many valuables - never to be found, courtesy our (in)efficient police.

Let us see if we really become good humans and better faithfuls this Ramadan than we were yesterday.


What are things that are not allowed in Ramadan (other than eating, and drinking)? Just asking?

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