Sunday, December 9, 2012

I dream of such a Pakistan

A dear one shared a video on Facebook about a dream every single Pakistani has about its country. A country that has become a battle ground of rouge politics, selfish motives and personalized comforts. A country where rich zoom past the poor to send bags full of money fleeced from their poor brethren to be stored in their foreign vaults.

All those who have been robbed of their peace, life and future of their children long for a day when Pakistan would be Pakistan once again.

Watch this video - and you would know that whatever you dream of, this video says it all:

I am sharing this and hope the chain of sharing would continue for everyone who has a reach to the internet to watch it and rise above the corrupted and polluted environment to realize this dream of every Pakistani.

Like all these in the video, I too am hopeful that the day when our dreams will come true is not very far, God willing.....


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