Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let 2013 rid us of the demagogues

Yesterday, I saw the sun going down and took many shots of it before along with it the year 2012 faded away in history for ever. The year was extremely bloody fro us in Pakistan as bomb blasts ripped apart buildings, buses carrying innocent people - leaving many dead, countless maimed fro life and carrying the horrific memories of the men becoming gods and ordering killing of men of own kind.

Then the night fell, but soon after the morning prayers, I scaled the stairs to the first floor of my house to catch a glimpse of the new rising sun - but I could not see any thing as a thick sheet of fog had blanketed everything around my house in Islamabad.

I just wondered whether this fog was to shield our sins and misdeeds that we committed in 2012 and allow us a day more to repent and ask forgiveness from our Creator of our misdeeds or was it provide shelter for those war mongers who had been playing a bloody game all through the last year to start over afresh. I could not find any answer.

It was then that I prayed the fog gives way to hope and bright sunlight to lighten up our hearts and souls. Just like the great Urdu writer Mustansir Hussain Tarrar wrote in his brief new year message as below:

I pray for the people to be free from the darkness and menace of illiteracy that breeds intolerance and hatred for others.  Let there be justice, equal for everyone. Let 2013 rid us of the demagogues who play with our innocent emotions, take away our voice and rule us to take away what is left with us and of our country. Let us be free from militancy, terrorism and extremism.

Let us be free, finally.....


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