Friday, April 12, 2013

Support LA Rally against US Drone Attacks Today 13th April

On 5th April  I talked about the Anti Drone Days this April by the US select group which is protesting against the killing of innocent civilians, mostly children and women. The group is continuing to protest throughout the month of April for those over 5,000 victims of US drone attacks of which about 3,500 were from Pakistan only.
Today, on 13th April, a huge anti drone rally is being organized at the LA City Hall (West Steps), 1st St. between Spring & Main, Los Angeles, California.

This humane group is of the view that:
'The U.S. functions as a death squad government, permitting the president and military leaders to create secret “kill lists” of people who have been selected for assassination. There is no due process, no trial, no evidence – the individuals are selected to be murdered and they are killed, and many civilians who are nearby also die. Drones are the weapon of choice.'
It may be added that in the 19th century, it was a common tactic of imperialists to use gunboats to move around the world and assert their will, answering challenges to their authority with bullets and cannon shot. The use, or threat of the use, of naval force was used by Britain, the United States and other imperialist nations to force exploitative terms of trade and political accommodations on various political entities around the world.

The United States government’s drone program serves the same general purpose as gunboat diplomacy. It enables the United States to extend its military power over any country that lacks the ability, or will, to shoot down the aircraft.

So if you are in LA, no matter of what country you belong to, join the rally and raise your voice against the drones that are killing people more and militants hardly 1.5% of the total.

Those who are away, must raise voice through social media networks to support those ge4tting together in LA today.

Join at LA City Hall for a rally on Saturday, April 13 to let the world know that the people of this country are demanding “Drones Out of Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Everywhere!”

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