Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This is how America 'decides' to go to war [video] - Point to Ponder


Since 9/11, the world has not seen a second of peaceful day as there is war going on in some corner of the country and the sphere is expanding.

Interestingly, all countries where people are dying happen to be Islamic countries - no other country of the world is as ferocious as the Islamic countries under war - at the behest of the USA and in connivance of its allies and the UN.

But how decisions to go to war are taken? I came across this video and was simply stunned. Listen to American army and former CIA General Wesley Clark, who unfolds the US plan to invade and take over 7 countries, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya  Somalia, Sudan and Iran, even before USA invaded Afghanistan. 

The first part of the plan was revealed 10 days after 9/11 and was expanded to included the other nations. Clark is quoted as saying the invasion wasn't based on links to Al-Qaeda or any other intelligence reports but just because the US has an army that is great at taking over other nations. And some of the reasons given even made the audience laugh.

Go ahead and hear for yourself:


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