Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stoning of pregnant woman to death – and police was silent spectators

It was the most shameful day in our lives when a pregnant woman was stoned to death right inside a court in Lahore where she had come for hearing with her husband. And the act was not that of an individual – but by almost two dozen (twenty to be exact) who came en masse to do this ‘noble act’ as decided by the family to put an end to their daughter’s life in the name of honour.

A sad end to a love marriage – but a bitter reality wherein a woman is stoned to death in broad day light and police and onlooker just kept watching her dying – silently. We have come to this state of our lives when a wrong does not seem to have any effect on us anymore. We see crime being committed but instead of stopping it we either watch the scene silently or some of us have the guts to make a movie on their cell phones.

I have not seen any officer resigning in shame or being held for allowing this gruesome act to be continued. Where did those black coats hide who mint money form people in the name of justice or march on streets politically bribed? Why did not even one person, be it a spectator, police or black coat come forward and helped the dying woman?

I know many well get away and not even questioned for their inability to arrest a situation – and this apathy allow such incidents to continue happening in our everyday life. Are we really dead with no conscious?

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