Sunday, June 14, 2015

Here comes Ramadan - for the benefit of the ordinary and extra-ordinary

Every now and then I find a message from a good Muslim that tells others to brace for the scared month of Ramadan - the audience includes both the ordinary and extra-ordinary (though not intended at all).

For the ordinary Muslims, it is a month of forgiveness, bag immense and countless bounties that Allah showers on its worshipers. These ordinary Muslims thrive mosques for evening prayers, stand for more than hour to listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran and return home to wake up from just a few hours of sleep to get ready for another day of fasting.

But ever wondered that during the Traveh prayers, there are also some extra-ordinary Muslims, who too offer their prayers with immense concentration and 'khuzo-o-khushoo' but when they go to the business the next day, they are different men altogether. From looking like the ordinary the night before, they become extra-ordinary when it comes to business.

And then starts a day of manipulating prices, holding on to stocks to allow the prices to rise and then sell merchandise at rates higher than the ordinary - far above the reach of the ordinary.

Although it is just days before the Ramadan sets in, when I went out to buy meat today, I found meat shops empty. I was told that the prices of goats has suddenly sky rocketed and it is difficult for them to buy them. Likewise poultry prices are already touching Rs. 200 (dressed). And if that is not all - pakora vendors will soon mushroom on roadside to sell the much liked fast-breaking food at prices that one can only afford to eat a couple of these expensive but almost essential item of Ifrar.

So by the time the Ramadan finishes, the extra-ordinary would have swelled their bank accounts looted from the ordinary and the faithful and would then embark upon for Umrah for a business well done - thanking the Almighty for His blessings.

I was recently in Germany just before Christmas - and I found big stores putting on their merchandise on sale, some even up to 70% - allowing the ordinary to enjoy Christmas. I did not see any price hike and it everything just looked festive - not in a fleecing mood at all.

And I just wondered where have we gone astray - why we forget the basic teachings of Islam which have been adopted by others - others whom we keep cursing the day long. But have we ever pondered why Allah's blessings do not reach us?

I leave the answer for you. Happy Ramadan anyway !!

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