Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Attacks on American Muslims growing uglier

The world seems to be taking a turn against Muslims after the 13 November Paris massacre. While Parisians have been reported attacking Muslims, specially women wearing hijab, things are also getting worse in USA, writes Petula Dvorak, a columnist of the Washington Post.

She asserts:
Political opportunists running for president have been cooking up a heaping platter of anti-Muslim sentiment since the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. They’ve geared us up for an epic hate giving with their ugly proposals to shut down mosques, register American Muslims and reject Syrian refugees who aren’t Christians.
She adds if you don’t think Muslims are under attack, take a look at what went down in the town of Fredericksburg last week:
The Islamic Center of Fredericksburg — a little brick building that looks like a bank branch office and has been around for 27 years — was skewered at a community meeting by a handful of seething people who see the center’s expansion plans as a threat to the very fabric of America. 
The tone of some of the influential and people who matter these days is worse than it was after the Sept. 11 attacks on our own soil. Recently Donald Trump, a candidate for the American presidency has vowed for the Registration by religion - mainly to single out Muslims. He also blurts to close all mosque in the USA. Imagine what would happen to USA if he becomes the president.

Does it sounds like a country with a First Amendment that enshrines freedom of religion?

Of many examples, here is one which shows the changing tone of the Americans, writes Petula Dvorak:
In the midst of all this, a young Maryland man driving home from work spotted a woman with a flat tire stranded on the side of the road. She had an infant and a toddler with her. He stopped to help her and told her his name was Ali.
She asked whether he was Muslim. When he said yes, according to his widely circulated post on Facebook, the woman told him that she didn’t need help “from you people.”
This is just the beginning - God knows whether it gets worse or finally the sanity prevails upon people who think that all Muslims are terrorists.

Excerpts from the Washington Post

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