Monday, November 8, 2010


It was the title of a famous Western movie of Clint Eastwood released many years ago. Clint was the good man and Eli Wallach and Lee van Cleef were the bad and ugly guys. These western films once very famous in our country were in fact the Punjabi action films in English. The story would be the same, one good man and many bad men confronting each other on possession of a beautiful village girl, some disputed land or a hidden treasure.

The end of all these films is always similar; the death of the bad man or men or their repentance and becoming good men. But viewers only see the main part of the movie and skip the last 10-15 minutes of death of the evil or the ugly or repentance of evil or bad deeds. We would see children in the streets acting like Sultan Rahi (the good man or the Clint Eastwood of the Western films) rarely, but mostly like Mustafa Qureshi or like (the bad men). The bad men rule the films for its almost entire length, hence leave a lasting impact on the audience, only to be slain in the end by which time they had left the desired impression on their audience. And when there are social injustices in the society, they give a cue to many to learn the art of grabbing from the have, and even from the have nots.

This is also true in our real life as well. We have seen fate of many a bad man who ruled the darkness of nights, looted and killed anyone who came their way and made good with the booty. They rule as long as they have some kind of weapon in their hands. But when they are caught and de-armed, suddenly their once mighty gaze lowers and heads pulled down in shame and grief. This is exactly the same way when a snake is alive and venomous. But the moment it is killed, those who would never come nearby when it was alive, would kick it and children and would tie a string around its neck and drag it in the streets.

So it is the weapon or the power which makes a man bold, evil, wicked and ugly. He makes money, make poor poorer and lives like an almighty. They rape and plunder at will and care for no age and relation. They just rule. But when they are caught and sentenced for life, the suddenly grow a beard and their eyes remain in tears most of the time, pray for repentance and forgiveness. This is exactly what great men have said, “Bad men are full of repentance (Aristotle).”Because this is how bring an end to their sinful life, weeping and resentencing. Suddenly a man realizes the depth of his ugliness and wickedness, the harm done to the hapless and the helpless.

Despite knowing the end very clearly, bad men continue to be bad or ugly, caring less for the consequences for as long as they have power or strength. And then one day, they realize who bad they have been and repent. Look around and you would find many looting and many repenting. It is only a matter of time.


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