Monday, November 8, 2010

Sugar is injurious to health – Health Ministry

We have been reading similar signs on the cigarette pickings that smoking is injurious to health, courtesy the Health Ministry. But this doesn’t seem to have any effect on the smokers as the cigarettes continue to sell as before and the tobacco growers and cigarette manufacturing companies continue to earn bag loads of profits. Who cares of the long term consequences if one is addicted to smoking?

Dejected by the mere notifications on the cigarette packs, the Ministry of Health is about to issue a new notification, “Sugar is injurious to health.” This time the ministry has done its home work and with the collaboration of Ministry of Food, which has allowed the price hike of sugar to an unprecedented level of over Rs. 100 a kg. Now the new notification may help in the reduction of sugar consumption. But would it? Eating sweets or taking a cup of tea with 2-3 teaspoons full is perhaps the only “luxury” a poor used to enjoy. Now with the soaring prices of sugar, this luxury will also be taken away from the poor.

In fact the price hike of sugar is based on the novel idea of the Ministry of Power, which had been advertising on TV channels which read, “If something is expensive, we must use it carefully and minimally.” So the people of Pakistan: Use less sugar as it is expensive.

And as if this would be the end to their miseries. The Ministry of water and power, which could not control the water of floods, is all set to electrocute the nation with a new power price formula which will push the country into utter darkness and chaos. And then the Ministry of Power will issue its warning: Electricity is injurious to health or even Water is injurious to health…..


Jalal, it may be Rs. 100 at Lahore, Pindi etc but here at Quetta it is Rs.105>>>>110. So its' buying has become injurious to health thus there is no need for the health ministry to adopt such acts.
Zaffar Iqbal Durrani

I witness rise in sugar price in late 60s and I am still witnessing rise in commodities but REACTION?????????????????????????????????

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