Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Self Explainatory

In view of the recent hike of petroleum products, the soaring prices of sugar and flour, if someone has a complaint, please contact the complaint centre for “immediate solution of your grievances.”
The advertisement above reads, “If your rights are being vandalized, then don’t delay and call the complaint centre.” The advertisement is issued to “protect the rights of citizens” and to rid the society from all types of crimes. The advertisement clearly indicates categories under which you may contact the complaint centres. Beside others, following are also listed:-
  • Mental and physical torture (impact of price hike is both mental and physical)
  • Non availability of food (If sugar, flour and other household items are beyond the reach of common man, there would be no food for the family)
  • Blackmailing and harassment (on the pretext of a better future)
  • Bhatta Khori (forcible collection of donations)
  • Miscellaneous (covers all)
So hurry up and avail this golden opportunity if you feel aggrieved, harassed, blackmailed or unable to provide food to your family. And a splendid time is guaranteed for all.


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