Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-1-11, 1-11-11, 11-11-11 simply mathematical combinations

Every year digit enthusiasts find some interesting combinations of dates and feel happy about it. Some make appointments, wedding days and other important commitments on these days as a good omen. Some take these as devil’s signs. But mostly people ignore these combinations as these don’t mean much. And practically and logically speaking there is nothing much to these combinations as being mere mathematical coincidences.

I remember a friend who had his daughter married on 10-10-10 last year while another got a job on 9-9-09. And that was it – nothing more nothing less. But I could see the couple very happy about it for having wedded on a vault like combination.

The New Year this year started with a 1-1-11 and just yesterday it was 1-11-11. And there is yet another 11-11-11 later this year in the month of November. And at 11.11 AM and PM on 11-11-11, there would be more interesting events that may happen or may already been planned by digit lovers.

Is there any relevance of number 11 in numerology? Well in ancient times, eleven was highly revered as a number of enlightenment, a gateway to accessing, or contact with, higher dimensions. And to some 11 is considered as a master number poised right at the beginning of a master sequence of numbers, which runs from 11 to 77.

Since there is 1 and 11, let us see what numerology says about these.

The number 1 is number 1 and there is no doubt about it. Everyone wants to be number 1. Parents always want their children to be 1st in the class, 1st in the 110 meters race, 1st in academics and 1st in everything. Usually people with 1 as their date of birth or 1 as their numerological number (calculated after adding and subtracting various numbers related to them) are considered to be independent. They usually control and direct their body, mind, and spirit to the utmost efficiency. They accept no limitations, yet they must learn to cooperate without losing their individuality. The negative aspect of the number one lies in the danger of emphasizing the needs of self over others.

As for number 11, it is considered to be the number of the dreamers, the visionaries, the ones who receive their ideals intuitively. Their destiny is to reveal something new and uplifting to the world. Number 11 is the messenger, the spokesman or broadcaster. The negative polarity for revelators is to become fanatical and judgmental in their beliefs.

Now adding when all 11s are combined together, that is later this year, one can see a fusion of strengths of 1 and 11s, making the event unique and ideal for something may have dreamt of all his life. 11-11-11 may be the day one could do something for the betterment of oneself, one’s family, country and even humanity.

While 11-11-11 will remain a mere mathematical calculation, it may reveal something that dreamers are dreaming of.

And next year we will have 12-12-12 and 12-21-12. The dreadful film 2012 had predicted end of the world and we have two dates next year that have 1 and 2 in them. Should we have sleepless nights then? I would rather say no. Numerology like palm reading are based on historical facts and making predictions based on the events of the past. If these were to be correct predictions, many accidents and bad events should have been averted. Nature has its own way of doing things – and we cannot be the nature on ground predicting future based on interesting mathematical combinations. So just be happy and pray well for future.


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