Friday, January 13, 2012

Democratic Urination [ Beware Graphic Content ]

The readers may forgive me for choosing to name this post a little 'graphic' - but the events that usually ooze out of the biggest democracy of the world really hurt.

USA takes upon itself not to lose a single moment to condemn 'atrocities' being committed anywhere in the world, either agaisnt a group or individual, and so does the Amensity Internal. Whether it is flogging of a girl in Afghanistan, or cutting of a nose of a woman elswhere. Such news make headlines in USA and the American peublic is made to believe that other than USA, the entire world consists of barbarians and cannibals.

But perhaps that is to curtain the atrocities its very own democratic and peace loving people do, specially when it comes to US soldiers operating internationallly.

I grew up watching the movies of the WW-II, in which Germans were shown as ferocious, barbaric and atrocious while the Allies, mainly Americans were shown as the deliverers - the good guys. Too bad that Germans lost, which resulted into emergence of such movies, completely shielding atrocities committed by the Allied troops.

Atrocities at Abu Gharib 
But the media today is far more independent and digging. Thanks to those courageous reporters who risk their lives and bring about the hidden truth and something which the allies of today wouldn't tell the world on their own. The atrocties and shameless handling of prisons at the notorious Abu Gharib prison is one such feat and feather in the caps of those who brought the dirty faces that even included the female officer of the prison who dragged the prisoners naked and made them to do abhorring sexual acts. 

Then there are countless photos of the US soldiers storming the mosques in Iraq with their boots on, showing no respect to the worship places and keep the sanctity intact.

Democratic urination
But the latest act of a the US Marines, caught urinating on the dead bodies of the Afghans is one such act that makes wonder what kind of people are Americans anyway. Don't they have regards even for the dead? Such disgraceful acts of conduct unbecoming have been attributed to the worst of the war mongers of the past and lately to the Germans and the Japanese just after the WW-II. 

How would the Americas, the drum beaters of democracy explain this gory and abhorring act of their soldiers? This is one such thing that got public - there may be countless more that have been hidden or censored away. I pity the parents whose sons have done this - I pity the nation whose sons have gone beyond the imaginable limits of decency and humanity.

And like the previous acts, the US authorities have 'promised' to investigate the matter. But what happened to those who violated rights of Abu Gharib prisons? I hear they got away with very linient punishments which were far less the gravity of the crimes they committed. And I am sure the democratic urinators will also go free for they had killed the enemy and had every right to do whatever they 'deemed fit' to their war trophies.


They are inhuman what to talk of saviours of human rights.

This is what shows their ethics and morality and the national character.........cowards!

The most pathetic army in the world we can't expect good from them.
Contect: Sana Ahamed

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