Sunday, January 9, 2011

The increasing intolerance

While everyone thought for a moment that the Army has been able to control the militants in the northern part of the country, there was a bombshell yet again in the capital city a few days back. Something had been brewing inside and finally exploded with the death of the governor. It was almost similar to the old days when militants roamed the streets to show their muscles. This time it was seemingly a good Muslim serving the cause of those long hidden arms that lie underground, but are more united and aggressive than before. Killing the governor for his big mouth is in fact no service to the cause of the religion, but serving the cause of those who want the present unrest to continue in the country and take the county to the brink of collapse and God forbid its ultimate dilation.

Our religious scholars and leaders fail to understand that at this time when Islam is being viewed in negative words, and dirty hands are at play to instigate the illiterates on sensitive subjects of the religion with a view to find more excuses to dump Pakistan and take control of it, there is a need more than ever before to teach tolerance to their subjects and ask them not to get intimidated on sensitive issues as this is exactly what is wanted. Rather the clerics and the scholars alike are fueling more to strengthen the hidden agenda thtat has been very cleverly planned and executed in our country.

Our revered Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon Him) was a symbol of extreme tolerance and a person who would not even frown at the worst of intimidation by his enemies. He even did not ask the Angel Gabriel to destroy the people of Taif when they stoned Him and made Him bleed from all over. He even prayed for that old woman who would thorn His way and throw dirt on Him when He walked past her house. He even forgave the killer of his uncle Hamza (RA) whom he had special likening.

It was his very tolerant, humble and logical approach towards His enemies that won their hearts and made them accept Islam willingly and not under duress as many believe in the West. This is in fact the teachings that we should adopt to belittle each dirty effort to create dissent amongst our ranks and stay united rather than flaring up and reacting violently as those hidden hands want. Unless we are rationale and logical rather than emotional and fiery, we will not be able to defeat those who are realizing their aims and objectives by making us respond to sensitive issues such as the very person of the Holy Prophet.

It is even more sad and disheartening to notice that even the black coats loyal to a particular political party have been seen garlanding and kissing the killer of the slain governor. The lawyers are supposed to be the upholder of the law and not supporter of a political party. If they want to express their sentiments as individuals, they should have done so while donning off their black coats. For our political gains, we can go to any extent by instigating lawyers and even law enforcing agencies to avenge our political lost grounds. This is amply clear as to why the dominating political party of Punjab rejoiced on the death of the governor because he was always opposed to their rather dogmatic political views. Taking advantage his murder to score a point over the opponents seems highly degrading.

Our extreme approach on every issue is taking us nowhere but destruction and humiliation. We have forgotten the real essence of Islam and have resorted to bigotry and rigidity. We have already overshot the limits that were likely to keep the country united, progressive and developing. The warning shots which were seen by those who could really hear were way back in the past. We need more than ever before people who can grasp the gravity of the quagmire we have got ourselves trapped in and lead the nation to path of glory, not on path of disgust and destruction.


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