Saturday, December 31, 2011

Candle lit welcome awaits New Year 2012

I just watched the luminous welcome of the New Year 2012 by the the people of Sydney, Australia. When the clock struck 12, the entire Sydney Beach blew up millions of hues of the fire works with crowd cheering, their faces glowing in the wonderful lights and in a hope of a better and brighter 2012.

People of Sydney welcome New Year 2012 with a firework worth 4 million pounds
Having watched the magnificent fire work display, which cost Sydney 4 million pounds,  I just pondered over how we were going to welcome the New Year - and exactly at that time, the lights went out on account of the never ending load shedding in our country. And I got the answer to my earlier question too: we will welcome the New Year 2012 in a candle lit night.

When New Year  arrives, most of the areas will be plunged in darkens of load shedding
And as I said before, while people of Australia were happy and glowing to start the new year with new aspirations and hope, bombshells await us as the new year commences. The government has already announced enhancement of tarrif of electricity, CNG and LPG. While we will be paying much more than what we did in 2011, we shall still not have electricity or CNG.

I do not know how the economic and financial managers look at the crisis - even despite raising electricity tarrif many times during the 2011, there is no sign of relief pf getting rid of the menace of lead shedding. Nor there seems to be an end to the CNG crisis in the country. 

The state run organs like PIA, Railways and the Pakistan Steel are already on the lowest level of their efficiency, their performance marred by delays and subsequently cancellation of flights and trains. People are losing hope day by day - and they don't find good days in sight for a foreseeable future - this goes on amid rhetorical claims of  'changing the life of the poor' by those in power.

Candle Light
Happy New Year 2012 (Photo: Jalalspages)

I gotta finish this post to find some candles to be ready fro the new year welcome - at least the new year will not find me sitting in darkness. I wish you, my fellow countrymen Happy New Year 2012.


That was beautiful Sydney New Year fireworks is always amazing.
Contect: Sana Ahamed

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