Monday, May 28, 2012

Another brave man laid to rest .....

Having been buried along with his 138 colleagues and comrades, for over weeks, the first body was recovered from the landslide that hit the Giari, Siachen after relentless efforts of the Pakistan Army under severe weather conditions and extremely low temperature in -15C.

The body of soldier Muhammad Hussain was buried with military honours in his hoem town Skardu. From one huge grave of over 80 feet high he shared with his other comrades, he now rests alone in his solitary grave - making us ponder over whether he died for a cause or would we continue to make merry and shrug of his death for nothing?

The burial ceremony of Soldier Muhammad Hussain of 6 NLI Battalion

Muhammad Hussain was on duty at the world's highest battle ground - Siachen when the landslide shielded him and his 138 comrades with over 80 feet of rubble and snow. This is not the first time soldiers have laid their lives defending their motherland - hoping their sacrifices would  strengthen their country against all ills and evils.

But what goes on in our country is another sad anecdote. Those at the helms of affairs loot and plunder the country, over stuff their coffers as they are never to die. No one would weep for these poor soldiers guarding their frontiers in the most harshest weather and living conditions, where life is always at stake.

Should we continue doing what we are doing and let these soldiers die for nothing?

Video Courtesy: YouTube / Pakistan Army 786


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