Sunday, June 3, 2012

'Sorrow' - a poem written in distress

A friend of mine is in extreme distress these days - and from his solitary abode he has sent me a poem title ' sorrow.' And I thought I must share this beautifully worded and well balanced piece of poetry with my viewers:

Life & sorrow are closely associated,
By life , sorrow is very much fascinated, 
By sorrow peace is initially confiscated, sorrow grows when life is sophisticated, 
in sorrow all must dip,
by coming under sorrows grip,
all are lashed by sorrow's whip,
to every life sorrow makes a trip,
sorrow nicely shape our mind.
sorrow stops our being blind,
via sorrow remedies we find,
sorrow are indirectly kind,
sorrow must be over come,
for which efforts must be welcome,
at last how strong we become,
it's always sorrow outcome.

And let me add here that he was never a literary person ever in his life - but the distress and his solitude has made him a man of pen and thoughtfulness. 

Do pray for this friend of mine that his darkest days of life are soon over and he too can move about with the rest of the world as free as the wind - something that Papillon wished when he was put in captivity for no fault of his. 


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