Monday, August 27, 2012

Dr A Q Khan also jumps into Political Quagmire - forms his own political party

Although, it has been in the air for quite sometime, but Dr A Q Khan, the famous nuclear scientist of Pakistan, has finally jumped into the political quagmire of Pakistan by launching his own political party - Tehreek e Tahaffuz e Pakistan (Movement for the Safeguard of Pakistan) or the TTP.

The political scene in Pakistan is marred with corruption, nepotism, political rivalry and vengeance besides the extremely deteriorated law and order situation, specially at the hands of the asocial elements and the militants. The political government has miserably failed to address the vows of the people and the life of common man has been hit hard by increasing POL, electricity tariff and prices of daily use commodities. And the menace of load shedding that continues for most part of the 24 hours of day and night, has further worsened the life of conman man.

The people at large, and the youth of the country do not find a hope at the hands of the present set of politicians and the way they are governing the country for their self motives, completely disregarding the interests of the country and its people. There seems no hope how to get out of this quagmire.

While launching his party, Dr Khan promises the youth to guide them on how and whom to vote for in the coming elections. This means the TTP has limited political manifestation, limited to 'counselling' of the youth rather than actively participating in the elections. 

He further says: 'I never wanted to join politics but when your country is at verge of end then its not a right thing to keep sitting like a spectator - I will consistently urge youth to elect honest persons in upcoming elections and stand for survival of the country.'

Although, counseling of the youth is the immediate goalpost set by Dr Khan, but one can foresee its scope expanding and may ultimately land Dr Khan contesting for elections. But would that be prudent?

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf or PTI, already launched by famous cricketer Imran Khan to mobilize the Pakistani youth was good enough, which has gathered momentum and has the tremendous support of the youth of Pakistan. Launching of Dr Khan's own political party with similar agenda, may thus not auger well nor gather immediate youthful support. In fact such an effort is likely to dent PTI's nation wide political campaign.

Naming his part with an abbreviation of TTP, which is similar to that of TTP (Tehreek e Taliban of Pakistan) is another question mark. With his acumen, intelligence and prudence, this certainly was not expected to have a similar name that is being used by the militant group.

Many political analysts are of the view that despite services of the nuclear scientist to the nation, there is a grim hope that his party will make a headway or draw popular support. He could have otherwise continued to 'counsel' the youth through articles in the newspapers as he usually does, but dragging himself in the political rut of the country may harm his popularity that he enjoys for his services to the country.

The fate of TTP, Dr Khan's own, may not be better than Tehreek e Istaqlal formed by Asghar Khan, or the Awami Qiadat Party of former army chief Mirza Aslam Beg and many other one-man parties formed till date.


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