Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Where is the chocolate for my Valentine?

14th February is the Valentine Day - everyone across the world is already sending love for one's loved ones in the shape of gifts, SMS, flowers and even phone calls.

And so do many in out country as well. But at the same time, there is a caution being imposed by some/many upon those 'celebrating' the day and warning them of being sent to hell in the life hereafter for observing  a day that is not allowed on many pretexts.

Facebook and Twitters are replete with such messages, cautions and road blocks for the Valentine Day friendly people. This leaves many confused what to do - celebrate and go to hell or not celebrate and go to heavens?

I do not know whether Valentine Day observers will go to hell or those not observing will go to paradise. But I do know that we do not know ourselves what is wrong and what is right and how to make a decision.

That is the general perspective.

And now coming back to the question: Where is the chocolate for my Valentine.

Well this part may be anti romantic and may cause me curse for having spoiled such a happy mood of festivity on this otherwise good day.

But in my reckoning  sometimes we need to be unromantic and ponder over the share for our sweet Valentines who wear a different cloak.

Here is how my perspective goes: All the year round, we collect small sums of money from the paltry income we receive in return for our services and deposit these in the government's chocolaty making factories to make a big juicy slab of chocolate for our Valentine which has many faces like our basic needs, security, justice, food, living, shelter, education, roads and bridges and all those things that the state is responsible to provide us by proportionately breaking down the chocolate slab made from our tax money.

But then we see the squandering of this chocolate bar as is seen in a advertisement shown on the TV of a chocolate company, where the chocolate bar is squandered away vehemently by all those who lay hands on it - in our case our loved ones whom we voted are the sole beneficiaries  These beneficiaries  instead feeding our starving needs with the chocolate bits, eat it away to live in their palatial palaces spread all over the country, and all over the world as well.

And in the end, a small portion of that big chocolate bar finally trickles down to feed many of our Valentines almost starving to death.

Our chocolate gets eaten away for a 27-kilometers long metro bus route - some say it cost 'over' 30 billion, while other say that the 'over' sum actually goes up to 7- billion. For the love of few pedestrians and commuters who commute on the blessed 27 kilometres track, the Valentines of the rest of the province are told that there is no more chocolate left for their needs.

Most of the chocolate is spent away on the foreign tours and medical treatment abroad while in their rhetoric they claim to have established best hospitals in the country for the poor. And they are right - hospitals for poor do not necessarily be equipped with expensive machines and facilities as poor need only antibiotics an d a few shots of cheap injections to get cure or else get cheap treatment in the neighbouring country next door.

I do not need to list all my Valentines here who keeping waiting for their share.

But I have hardly found a size bale response against those who eat away the chocolate meant for our Valentines on Facebook or Twitter or elsewhere.

I do not find any punishment for them - whether they too like the celebrators of Valentine Day would go toe hell or not.

We know who all eat away the chocolate of our Valentines but we do not speak a word about it. Rather we we dance and raise slogans when these very special people are inaugurating some project, knowing fully well that this project is only a show off to consume the chocolate in the process and be-fool us so craftily that we forget about the chocolate and our dear Valentines. And in next elections, we vote for the same faces blind folded by the beautiful words they would speak before the election - only to forget about it thereafter and look for the chocolate once more.

And I would still be asking: where is the chocolate for my Valentine?

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