Friday, May 24, 2013

Britain helping to radicalize Muslim extremists: George Galloway - British MP

The butchering of a British soldier recently by two radicals has created much uproar in Britain and has led the British Prime Minister hurriedly calling the two that they have betrayed Islam.

But British MP George Galloway has a different view point and he blames the Britain and its allies for having radicalized the Muslim extremists.

In a recent interview to RT, British MP George Galloway alleges:
"Through support for Israeli occupations and participation in American invasions of Muslim countries, Britain has ended up spawning tens or even hundreds of millions of “radicalized Muslims” across the world."
He further says:
"Britain has been helping to radicalize these extremist fanatics for a very long time with its support for Israel and its crimes against the Palestinian people, with its participation in US invasions and occupations of Muslim countries. We have spawned across the world maybe tens, maybe hundreds of millions of radicalized Muslims, fanaticized by the injustice and the double-standards of Western policy towards the Muslim world. And all I see is that in a kind of grotesque double whammy we’ve now added to that by reprising our policy in the 1980s of actually helping to build a Frankenstein monster in Syria. And the very same raw material of radicalized fanaticized extremists is being used. And It came back to hunt the United State, Spain and Britain and many places after the Afghan experience, when we built the first Frankenstein monster. And now we are doing it all over again in Syria as we did a year or so ago in Libya."

Answering a question "Couldn't it be said that there's something about Islam that pushes people to do such extremist acts?" the Brish MP replied:
No, I don’t accept that at all anymore than the butchery of Franco the Spanish Fascist dictator had anything to do with Jesus Christ even if the people doing the torturing and the butchering were wearing the cross on their sleeves. George W. Bush was a fanatic, born again Christian he said. But again that had nothing to do with Jesus. So I don’t accept that at all.

See the interview below:

via RT
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