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A new Book Launched: ‘Geopolitik Pakistan’ by Brig Nadir Mir

Launching of ‘Geopolitik Pakistan’ by Brig Nadir Mir at Punjab University, Friday 6 July 2013

Brigadier Nadir Mir ® is an emerging writer on the geopolitics in Pakistan and has been contributing in many national and international forums about the subject. He has also contributed his articles on Geopolitics, which have been published in Pravda ru (Moscow), China Daily (Beijing), EU Times, The Nation Pakistan beside The Fire Within.

In short, Brigadier Nadir Mir ® is a pioneering Geo-politician who has contributed immensely to the National Cause of Pakistan.

His first book 'Gwader on the Global Chessboard' was published in 2011, which gave a bird's eye of the importance of Gwader and its overall impact on the geopolitics of the global chessboard. The book was well received by the students of military history and geopolitics who are deeply concerned with the happenings in the troubled Balochistan province in recent times.

Brigadier Nadir Mir ® has now launched his second book ‘Geopolitik Pakistan.’ The launching ceremony was held in the Punjab University on Friday, 5th July 2013 and was well attended by men of letter and think tanks.

His new book introduces the subject of Geopolitks from Pakistani point of view. Pakistan’s Weltanschauung or world view is the abiding theme rather than foreign imported concepts and ideas. In fact Geopolitik, in this book is a combination of National Security Policy and Foreign Policy.

Speaking at a ceremony to launch the book, Geopolitik Pakistan, by Brig (r) Nadir Mir here at the Al Raazi Hall, Punjab University Vice Chancellor Mujahid Kamran said on Friday "Pakistan can make great progress if its geographical location is taken advantage of."

Present on the occasion, former foreign secretary Shamshad Ahmed Khan said the Pakistan Army was doing its job. He said the politicians too should do their part as the country “could not progress unless we improve our governance.”

He said Pakistan’s internal challenges were far more serious than the external ones. “Our institutions have collapsed…we should not blame the US and India for it,” he said.

He said, “We do not measure up to the expectations of Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal…our rulers prefer personal interest to national interest.” He said no country was so important in terms of its geographical position as Pakistan was but “we have turned this asset into a liability.”

Some of the salient of the book are:
  • It commences with an appraisal of Global Geopolitikal environment which is heading towards a Non Polar World rather than an imminent Multi-Polar World. The critical importance of Geopolitiks for Pakistan and the subject’s evolution are discussed thread bare initially.
  • The Geopolitiks relating to Afghanistan, Pakistan – India’s Geopolitikal rivalry and likely India – China Cold War are dealt at length and convincingly.
  • Future Geopolitik 2013 – 2020 is an apt description of critical players in the global world. This is a fascinating Geopolitikal world tour.
  • Aspects of Geo-Oceanic Politik and Geo-Demographic Politik, relationship of Politiks and Geopolitiks, Great Games and BRICS future are extremely well presented.
  • ‘Geopolitks of Peace’ is the solution to the world’s problem. US – China amity is in global interest.
  • And lastly, the book is summed up in its Crux Chapter, to craft Geo-strategy and Geo-economics for Pakistan.
The book is very well researched, historical, geographical but also futuristic. Propagates Pakistan’s new National Security Narrative and Foreign Policy which projects Pakistan’s National Cause. While suggesting peace with India, Indian hegemony is to be resisted and Kashmir remains central to Pakistan’s Cause.

The book will soon be launched in Islamabad.

About the Author:
Brigadier Nadir Mir ® is decorated with Sitar-e-Imtiaz (Military) for his outstanding abilities and devotion to the army. He had his high schooling from the Quetta Crammer School,St Anthony's and later the Aithchison and FC colleges Lahore. He is also a graduate of Command and Staff Colleges Pakistan and Turkey, besides the National Defence University. He is an authority on the military and economic strategy and has a vast experience of dealing with sensitive and important issues related to geo-politics. The book is being seen by many as an important document for the students of international relations and as substantial reference book.  The author after farewell to arms has dedicated his life for research and analysis and to further the cause of making Pakistan as one of the leading countries of the region. Presently he writing an elaborate book on the geo-politics of the region with special reference and emphasis on Pakistan.
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