Thursday, August 1, 2013

What 'ALL' can you take aboard your final flight!!

Our every endeavour revolves around earning as much as we can and dumping our houses with as much decorative objects and other essentials and non essentials as we can. And almost all our live is spent in this pursuit.

But a very few of us really ever ponder what is that 'ALL' we can finally take when we are called to our most unexpected hour back to our Creator.

I, too, like most of us, never pondered and have been burying my neck in the sand like an ostrich for my life so far. But yesterday, something jolted my entire body when I read the following poster at a shop where my wife had gone shopping. Just read this poster, which in any case not written by a scholar, but may be some unknown God fearing person, who in his sincerity shared has shared his thoughts for all who could spare some time and read this.

When I read this, I was awe stricken and immediately took a photo of this poster with my cell phone camera to share with my readers.

Now just ponder over what you and all of us 'CANNOT' carry in our flight back to the Heavens - like money dumped in our coffers, or the bullet proof cars, factories and business - NOT even our kith and kin as they have to board their own flight all by themselves with their very own luggage.

And then see what 'ALL' we can take: our good deeds, our prayers, zakat, fasts, hajj and Tauhid. All these one can carry as these are weightless and can be taken in any amount. It is only when we land at our destination that one would start to feel the weight of the luggage they have brought and it will only then we would realise how weightless we have come to face our Creator.

Those who leave behind God fearing children, who continue to pray for their parents or anything that constitute  Sadqa-e-Jaria, will have added plus points.

Please check your luggage list from now on and add to it handsomely everyday as one would not really know when the flight is announced!!

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