Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Floods in Karachi - Point to Ponder

There is much hue and cry in Karachi, and other cities of Pakistan, after recent rains not only caused excessive floods in these cities but has also resulted in loss of precious lives and destruction/damage to property.

I came across a photo of Karachi courtesy Archive150 which paints a pathetic scene of flood after rains in 1944 as shown below:

And now relate this photo with the present days:

This amply shows the pathetic response and neglect of the Karachi administration since the British days till date. It seems no one has ever cared to address the problem by employing experts who could analyse the flood in Karachi for over 50-100 years and see where the fault lies and how can it be eradicated.

Yesterday I saw the footage of the car being taken out from a sewer in Karachi in which a young couple along with their one and half year old child died. There have been many such incidents specially in the underpasses which look like filled up canals rather than underpasses. A few years before too there was havouc caused by these floods.

And we are back to square one this year too. This clearly shows the problem of flooding in Karachi is not that simple and must be addressed by experts technically and not by mere pumping out water from one area to the other.

And I was shocked to read a statement by the ex mayor of Karachi that the fault lies not holding the local government elections in time. Funny - the same mayor had been in charge of Karachi for long and if he could not solve the problem, how could local government election now could?

This only shows our sincerity to the cause and resolve to address problems from which people suffer. Why our politicians look for the 'next time' - why cannot we find answers now??

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