Monday, January 19, 2015

Queued for two hours for 6 litres of Petrol

Cars behind me as I saw them in my side mirror and shot with my cell phone camera

We are living in some of the most funny times of our lives - never witnessed before. This is the time when there is an acute shortage of electricity and we are faced with the dilemma of load shedding. Then CNG crisis came and we joined in with others in never ending lines for getting a cylinder filled. 

But as if this wan't the end - while the country hardly started to rejoice the reduction in the POL prices - came another shock: the acute shortage of petrol. Suddenly there were long queues on every petrol pump and the country faced yet another dilemma never faced before.

Today, I went in search of petrol for my car and like everyone else got into a long queue. Inching forward, I lost track of time but when the waiting got much beyond my limit to wait, my wrist watch told me that I was in the queue for almost two hours. But by this time I had reached near the dispensers.

And to my horror, I was told that I will be given fuel worth Rs. 500, which comes to about 6.3 litres. Could you imagine that? And I could not argue with the helper as he was doing it for everyone. SO like a good citizen, I drove home, almost spending 2 litres of the petrol to my house.

While the entire country laments and wastes time in waiting for a few litres of fuel, one listens to some funny explanations of shortage of fuel my ministers and prime minister - despite the chaos, the worthy prime minister who was away to the holy land absolves himself of this chaos and has so far not even fired his oil minister for being an utter nincompoop. 

Already there are many conspiracy theories hot on Facebook and some ministers in government calling it a conspiracy hatched by those who do not want to see democracy to flourish. No sane person in the ruling party has the honour and guts to confess his mishandling of the affairs and the country continues to suffer.

This is what 'true' democracy is - make blunders and when people lament, blame the conspirators.

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