Monday, August 17, 2015

Pakistan at the crossroads - yet again

Those who are following the recent events in the region would find a very grim situation for Pakistan. The Afghans have openly accused Pakistan for the recent Kabul attack and a faction of afghans have even gave fatwa to wage war against 'infidel Pakistan.' 

While Afghans are seen burning Pakistan flags and currency notes, the Afghan soldiers are seen trampling Pakistan flag. And on 15 August, Indian flags were displayed to celebrate Indian independence day. 

Even in England, hardliner Muslims are seen chanting dirty slogans against Pakistan (see photo above) and calling it an infidel state.

Our foreign policy is a total chaos while India is winning on all fronts including Afghanistan and Iran - and have found inroads in Arab countries by taking advantage of our reluctance to support them against Yemen. While we lost our grounds in Arab states merely to appease Iran, Iran ignored it blatantly and extended its hands of further friendship to India while Saudi Arabia for the first time in its history allowed Indian air force jets on its soil - as part of its extended future defence ties with India.

Our leaders are engrossed in playing dirty politics and seem oblivious of the precarious situation Pakistan is facing these days. It seems the politicians are trying to gain more economically from India than standing up to it for the harm it is doing to our country and our relations with the Arab world. 

As for the Pak-Afghan relations, some analysts even fear a comeback of Pakhtoonistan thing once again. 

On the inner front, the cleansing operation in Karachi from serial killers and extortionists has gained many successes. But one leading political party which has its strings attached to London has resigned from assemblies in protest for its own workers being targeted. A sane man would say how come after the operations the numbers of deaths in Karachi have reduced? How come people of Karachi came out in vast numbers to celebrate the independence day after years of token attendance? 

We have proofs of involvement of foreign countries - but we seem reluctant to openly announce it and protest against it while other countries like India, Iran and Afghanistan do not take a minute to blame Pakistan for something going wrong in their countries.

Already Indian PM is in UAE taking advantage of the wedge created between UAE-Pakistan relations after Pakistan's stance on Yemeni issue and is making inroads for greater Indian role in UAE - and UAE has 'graciously reciprocated' by allowing an Indian mandar on its soil for the Hindus working in UAE.

There are still debates on who created terrorists and Taliban and who is to be blamed. But haven't we have focused enough on the past, abusing and criticising Zia and others. This would solve no problem we are facing today. Time has come that instead of wasting our energies on criticism and analyses (which has been done in abundance by all and sundry), now let us look forward and draw out our future response and strategy. We have yet to evolve a response to what is going to happen when army operation comes to an end - do we have a mechanism to ensure that terrorists do not surface yet again and we don't get into this filthy quagmire once again?

Is someone listening, watching and THINKING?

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