Thursday, July 13, 2017

Contractors for Afghanistan

After years of failures in Afghanistan and getting its soldiers killed for a war for which the US was never prepared, the US has come up with a new innovative approach: Replace regular forces with Contractors, the non state actors, or so to say mercenaries and professional killers.

Lieutenant General Tariq Khan (retired), a high ranking Pakistan Army officer, who had had extensive experience in fighting in the terrorists infested northern areas of Pakistan along with the Pakistan-Afghan border has analyses the concept and opines:

So the United States has come up with a new proposal. Replace the military in Afghanistan with 'contractors'. It implies that contractors are more effective than their regular forces. These contractors would not have better weapons or more resources so how come its expected that they would deliver where conventional forces could not. The only thing that the contractors would have going for them would be that they would not be restrained by rules or law. Their application of of physical force would be unrestrained violence.

 It would also be deniable by the State, " That we don't control the contractor", this is the actual concept of the Non State Actor. I hope the US do not go down this road but if they do a legal precedence would have been established in setting up and organizing Non State Actors and no one knows how to do that better than us. 

The ramifications to the region would have terrible consequences. What argument would other States have against such organizations after all whats good for the goose is good for the gander!!!

One of the ex army colonel commenting on General Tariq Khan's assertions and view point adds: "It is also indicative of low morale of regular forces and very poor enrollment back home. Secondly, though the contractors are paid heavily but organized combat is the domain of regular military. If US implement free lance killers so many more countries will do the same. The world will become far more unsafe. Bad thinking."

Photo: Pixabay
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