Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Grinding Pakistan - US Relations: A Rational Analysis

Much is being said about the recent statement of Donald Trump. Yes, rightfully world has to analyze his words as he commands the super power. It is also acknowledged fact that a mere presence of its 101 Air borne division of aircraft carrier changes the power dynamics of region. Is move of 7 fleet into bay of Bengal into 1971 fresh in our memory? And have we read what our president was hoping?
But we are a sovereign nation with a large army. Why should we go into panic. I am amazed that we are telling the world what we sacrificed for this war on terror – funny and shame. We need to do all for our country not to get American sympathy. We must learn to indulge in interstate relationship.
Don’t play victim to circumstances; you created. We are doing exactly the same. Let me refresh your memory of our relationship with USA. Pakistan gets independence and we run towards USA for strategic alignment, while ignoring the region. We outsourced, Badabair Air base, join CENTO and SEATO. FM, negotiates a deal with USA for military support and in the process divulges our strategic secrets. USA condones dictator for his worst act of takeover and becomes an ally. We decide to go for liberation of Kashmir and infiltrate into IHK in 1965. That is good enough. US stops your aid and we start abusing USA for not being loyal.
The then president Yayha imposes another martial law. He acts wisely and gets involved in clandestine channel to make a secret visit of Dr. Kissinger to China. They tried to pay back by pressurizing India in 1971 to spare us. We lost East Pakistan. USA claims that it helped to save the western half of Pakistan.

We again start cursing USA. In 1977, Zia takes over and he too needs USA help to get international approval. Zia opts to join AFGHAN JIHAD. We become darling of USA and billions of dollars comes in. Who had good time, is not known to us.
Then comes Musharraf’s disgraceful decision to help after 9/11. He becomes a great statesman. Again billions of dollars comes in and some of our people took reward money to headhunt Taliban including the president of Pakistan.
This is brief history of our relationship with USA. My questions:
1. Is US doing charity work in our region? They have their interests and they feel we are not doing enough. I feel it is a disgrace for a nation to be working for someone and getting financial rewards. We can ask USA please do it yourself, if we have the guts and power. 
2. Trump has spelled out his strategy for South Asia and that is his right. Why must we start fighting and ask him to acknowledge our sacrifices. Again it is disgraceful, we need to be happy with ourselves. 
3. USA wants more role for India, so it is their regional policy. It is the people and govt of Afghanistan who have to decide, whom to trust.? We gave many sacrifices for Afghanistan. We need to think as to why Afghans want more role for India?
4. USA says that we are hiding Taliban and we deny it. So let them say and we are a sovereign nation and keep doing what is in our national interest. But what is our national interest?

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings." It is all our faults. We have taken unwise and selfish decisions that we stand totally marginalized and isolated. It is good that China is one hope but now we do not want to be their colony. We never loved our country. We are into prejudices – army, civilians, democracy. We are all corrupt. We never planned for our country, see our population vs resources. And see what have we done with religion. We need to be a international law abiding nation and always take decisions for national interests.

About the Author: Brigadier Asif Aliv (Retired) is a graduate of the prestigious National Defense University of Pakistan and a well read military analyst who often shares his view points, incisive and thought provoking analysis on national and international affairs at Facebook
(The views expressed above are personal of the author and do not necessarily express the opinion of the admin of this blog)

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