Friday, March 18, 2011

Install a wood dash in your car

Sometime back, I rode in a friend’s car. Well we all do that, but this car was different from inside. He had installed a cockpit like wood dash kit in his car which not only added to the interior elegance, it also gave a look as I was travelling in the cockpit of an aircraft. I was really fascinated and wanted something of that sort in my car too.

When I came home, I sat on the net and started looking for wood dash kits and wow!! I found what I wanted. There is a wide choice available, made of real wood veneers or even of synthetically made material that change your dash board into something that takes others travelling with you spellbound and appreciative of your aesthetic choice.

These wood dash kits add comfort with their imaginative designs and give a five-star like look to your car interior. Besides wood dash, there is a choice of carbon fiber dash kits too, which are more modern and innovative in appearance and extremely strong and robust. What is more is that these dash kits come a lifetime guarantee and are easy to install  with their auto-grade 3D adhesive for a quick peel and stick application. And what is more – these dash kits come in a wide range of designs and classy colours for you to make a choice selection

Try one of these; you will drive with elegance and style.


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