Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The end of a bloody drama

The news are flashing on every TV channel that Raymond Davis, an undercover agent of CIA and the murder-accused of two Pakistanis has been freed today, 16th March 20100, after the US government paid the blood money to the heirs of the two slain young men. The payment of blood money, called Diyat, by the murderer/his family (in this case the US government) is permissible in Islam in exchange for the freedom of the murderer.  

As per reports, the families of both the slain men have been paid Rs. 200 million and four US visas have also been given as part of the Diyat deal. Raymond Davis in the meantime has been hurriedly freed and flown out of Pakistan after reaching an “agreement” with the grieved families.
However, there still speculations about the deal as the lawyer representing the two slain men has alleged that the families of the slain men were made to sign the deal under duress and had not been allowed to witness the proceedings. The grieved families have also mysteriously disappeared as their houses were found locked when new reporters went there to get their views. The settlement also exposes the lie of the US government that Raymond was a diplomat as in such case the US government would have never undertaken such an agreement. Even the US president has demanded Pakistan to relase Raymond being a diplomat, rather than apologizing the people of Pakistan or at least the families of the dead for the mischief by one of their CIA agents.

There have been widespread demos against the deal and people are generally not happy the way the case has been ended. Specially when the murderers of the third man who was run over by the backup vehicle, called by Raymond Davis in his support, have already been allowed to skip from Pakistan. Who will address the family of the third slain men doesn’t seem to have been addressed.

Now the matter should be closed and we should focus more on other economic woes and increasing taxes and electricity tariff that the government in the meantime has announced taking cover of the lawlessness in Karachi and the Raymond Davis case.

The nation also rightly deserves to know as to how many more undercover agents of CIA like Raymond are still in Pakistan, roaming freely on our roads and what is the guarantee that they do not act like Raymond on day to create another test for the now fragile Pak-US relations.


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