Fire Within, the name of my blog, in fact is the translation of “Andar da Bhanmbar” – which exactly means the Fire Within in my mother tongue Punjabi. And why should I try to vent out the genie hidden inside me? Well if I keep burning inside me, I may burn out myself one day. So in order to keep me cool from within, I decided to blog whatever resides inside me and making me uncomfortable.

Well that is a pessimistic view, and which is part of the blog too. But at the same time, I want to use my energies and the remaining fire of my slipping youth, to add optimism as well. This I will do by analyzing factors adding to my “fire within” and coming up a possible answer or part solution, as I am not a philosopher, strategist or an avid writer.

As for myself, I am a free lance writer and blogger. I am an MBA (HRM), besides being a B Sc (Hons). I studied in Lahore's premier Government College and later served on a senior executive position and have a vast experience of administration, human resource management, security management and town planning.

My interests include photography (my selected photos are shared on Flickr as Jalalspages), landscaping, and philately ( a childhood hobby). I also operate an exclusive website on Pakistan “Pakistanpaedia”, which is a rich mini paedia of Pakistan and can be referred as a resource site on all matters related to Pakistan. I also share my travel experiences in my blog Jahojalal. Other than JahoJalal, I have a few other blogs on Management MattersPhilatelyHobbies, Sports, Technology and Imposing news.

I can be reached at jalalhb@gmail.com

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