Friday, August 31, 2012

Secrets of life that will make you spiritually happy and healthy

Are we really happy? Ask many and a majority will say 'Yes, apparently,' since deep inside everyone of us there is a warning buzzer that always tells us that we are happy only apparently - but our soule laments and yearns for real happiness from deep inside us.

Remeber the Beatles song 'She is leaving home?' Well I do and I still rmemebr one line that I have never been able to forget since I heard this song in the late 70s when the album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released. The line was 'Fun is the one thing that money can't buy' - and I always believed so as we see even the poor laughing heartily and living on, while even the richest of the riches cannot have a few hours of sound sleep as the fear of losing business and empires looms and haunts them for most part of the day and night. 

So how to be really happy, really happy from deep with us? Well there are many things one can do to be really happy. For me happiness comes from achievement - achievement with no strings or rewards attached. Achieving something that only the person knows that he has done something that he has really been wanting to achieve for many years, but could not. It is something like the 'self actualization stage of the Maslow's pyrimid.'

How do I really feel happy? Well the best thing that really makes me happy is by 'helping others.'

Yes, helping others with no reward or praise at the back of my mind. Walk along the roadside and look into the eyes of the people around you - and you will find out who is a begger, running after you for alms, and the one in real distress but not asking anyone for anything. It is these people in distress who need our help and helping them with whatever we can, is really soul satisfying. And when you extend any sort of help, but mostly monetary help, you will see their tears filled eyes following you as you leave and praying for you. Sometimes it makes me eyes hazel too.

The second secret is developing the ability of forgiving. This is something that only a few blessed people on this round earth can achieve. Everyday we see people fighting, killing and those with lesser 'guts' cursing and making faces to express their anger against people who wronged them. But ever tried to forgive someone fot he wrongs he did to you? Not many times - isn't it. 

Well we all make mistakes and when we do, we expect people to forgive and forget. So why not resiprocate, as grudjing and fuming leaves the one with more misery than soul satisfaction. Start by forgiving people with smaller mistakes - you will soon learn to forgive people with blunders and much more harm done to you. And you will then realise that the blood pressure pills you had been taking are not needed anymore, as the refreshing feing of having forgiven someone acts as a soul healing antidote.

Although, the list is very long, I will add one more secret and promise to get back with more. And that is bring out the fire from within. And this is something I do in my blog here. ver pinches me and makes me uneasy, I writ about it as candidly as possible to share that fire that burns inside. 

If you think you have been harmed, or someone is harming you and the society, talk about out and express your feeling. Thjis will not only bring out the fire from within you, but will also leave the fire extinguished earlier than possible. May be talking about your grievances brings someone to help you or someone in similar distress. 

Think about these few secrets till I get back with more. These will really help.


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