Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hair raising interviews of an ex KGB informant revealing the dismemberment of East Pakistan - and much more

Digging down the history can be interesting, devastating or even demoralizing to many - but facts must be truly known as these help steer nations' course of action for the future and to know who and how was responsible for the break of their nations.

We have recently seen regimes falling down, ostensibly by USA covert and overt actions. We have seen demise of Iraq from a progressive and fast developing country, now reduced to rubble and marred by civil war. We also saw Libya, one of the most prosperous countries ripped apart by the Americans and the killing of its popular leader by the same people whose perception was changed by ideological subversion by the Americans.

But ever wondered from where such strategies originated? Ever wondered why America has taken upon itself the same role of destabilizing nations and replacing the governments with their own puppet regimes?

I recently came across a series of interviews of Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, a former KGB informant, who defected to Canada in the 1970s, which amply highlight the role of the erstwhile Soviet Union in supporting their style of ‘liberating’ nations and then killing the key leaders they once loved and supported after the success signal was fired.

In one of the series of interviews with G. Edward Griffin he dilates in detail how Soviet helped to incite anger and uprising in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), which was in fact  the final straw in his personal decision to defect to the West. In the interview Yuri details how Russian consulates in India were used to smuggle weapons and propaganda material to East Pakistan in a largely Soviet effort to break up the state of Pakistan, then a staunch Western and US ally.

Watch the interview below:

In another interview, he also explains how the Soviets unleashed an Ideological subversion or the psychological warfare around the world – based on a long drawn strategy to demoralize and subvert the minds of those who would be at the helms of the affairs in a time frame which happens to be now almost taking its shape to break nations for lust and destabilization. Watch the interview below:

In the backdrop of the interviews above, now watch the world scene – the USA is doing exactly the same which the Soviets did in the 70s. We have come a long way and seeing the strategy super powers destroying the world peace is now well known to us.

Wherever have the Americans gone, they have left behind destabilized nations, like Iraq, Libya and even Egypt. They have failed to stabilize the state of affairs in Afghanistan and are likely to leave it amid a quagmire that will have far reaching ramification not only for Afghanistan but also for Pakistan and other nations of the region.

he intended American intrusion into the Balochistan is the next step, where the Baloch leaders are coerced to take up arms against Pakistan, the same way the Soviets did in coercing the East Pakistanis in the late 60s and early 70s. And remember, heroes of today will be on gallows tomorrow or mercilessly gunned down tomorrow as has been clearly highlighted by Bezmenov in his first interview above.

Its time now that we read these revelations and get educated as to how noose is being tightening around our necks and how the future will be shaped, if we do not heed to the warning shots being fired around us.

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