Monday, March 4, 2013

Crime Scene: Help, Take Photos or Walk Away

Not very often, but sometimes we do across live crime scenes, like someone snatching a purse, a woman being beaten or even a murder taking place.

 What do you do if you see this? Help, Take Photos or Walk Away

What do we do? Do we help, ignore and walk away for not being implicated in the crime or make videos with our cell phones to send these to YouTube or Social Media networks for showing our ability to report crime 'LIVE.'

We often listen to the news of nude parading of victims by the so called bigwigs in villages of our country and despite the entire village witnessing the gory incident, no one takes a step forward to help ease the suffering of the victim or even challenging the bigwig. May be we are to fragile morally to stand up to the occasion and act as the crime demands of our obligations.

We are not alone in this - even in civilized countries, while some react, some tend to ignore and walk away - or some even have the guts to take a photo or make a video from their cell phones rather than helping.

Well recently an elevator prank (pictured above) captured people's reaction to a fake 'killing' and onlookers reactions were recorded to see how do the ordinary react to a crime scene. The results were awesome and in some cases showed indifference of people specially when a person's life is at stake.

While even women tried to stop the 'would be killer' by beating the assailant with their bouquet and bags, and a man tried to cool off the murderer with a spraying the fire extinguisher, many showed signs of horror and seemingly froze - unable to decide what to do.

But the best of all was one onlooker who chose to catch the 'moment' - and do nothing to stop the 'killing.'

This was just a prank - but it showed our real instincts and reactions to a live situation. What would you have done in such a situation?

Read more about the prank at Mail Online
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