Tuesday, August 27, 2019

If Kashmiris were Christians, they would be Free Like East Timor by Now

I made this remark to a Christian friend of mine who was skeptical about Kashmirs' independence and their on going freedom movement. But he saw some weight in my argument and said may be true for Christians too are being persecuted in India.

The world conscious awakes only when interests of Christians are being harmed or they are under a Muslim dominant country. 

Recall events prior to 9/11. When America felt "threatened" after a false alarm, UN was too forthcoming to the US demand to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. And Britain was too happy to get on board the war wagons. What happened next is all open to the world. Iraq and Syria are suffering from that one bad decision of USA and a bad nod by UN. and so does Libya. Two presidents of Muslim countries were killed for no good reason.

Muslim persecution on the other hands continues in Palestine, Myanmar and China. But there is no UN resolution or no superpower stepping in to stop the killing of Muslims. 

And now it is Indian Occupied Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir has been a disputed territory between India and Pakistan since 1947 and there are many UN resolutions for its solution. But the world has never tried to enforce the resolutions to solve the Kashmir issue as per aspirations of the people of the Kashmir. The reason is simple: Muslims are in minority and Hindus in majority. No one in the world dares asking Hindu India to solve the Kashmir issue for they have economic interests in India. 

Even some of the Muslim countries have chosen not to support the Kashmiri freedom struggle for fear of losing Indian markets. Even USA has labelled Kashmiri freedom fighters as terrorists for they do not want to displease a large non Muslim Hindu country which are obvious friends of all non Muslim countries.

Now that Kashmir is under siege for almost 20+ days, world conscious continues to sleep for interests of non Muslims are not at stake. Had these been, Kashmir would have been liberated like East Timor and Sudan.

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