Sunday, November 11, 2012

To the fallen, and to those still fighting, Thank You

Pakistan Army has been fighting the militants and mercenaries for almost a decade now to save the people of Pakistan from their nefarious designs. Funded largely by countries not sincere to Pakistan, these militants have killed thousands of innocent civilians, mainly targeting places of worship, where Muslims get together in mass to offer their prayers.

To the fallen and those still fighting, Thank You

But thanks to the valiant men of the Pakistan army, whose countless sons have laid down their lives fighting these militants so that ordinary people could live in peace. The fight is not yet over and it continues in the most inhospitable and rugged mountains of Waziristan and adjoining areas.

Each day we hear the news of martyrdom of young men, soldiers and officers, and SMSs buzz on the cell phones breaking the news of their martyrdom and burial ceremonies. I have attended almost half a dozens funerals of these valiant sons of the soil, who had fallen in the line of their duty. We also hear of soldiers fighting these militants and sending back cards and letter, telling their mothers not to worry - rather they ask their mothers to pray for their martyrdom. 

How dutiful and patriot these soldiers are, who want the rest of the people of the country to live in peace while they fight and fall.

I do not know when this war on terror would and how many more sons will fall.

But can only say to the fallen, and to those still fighting, Thank You


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