Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Terrorism and Pakistan: Challenges and Culprits

"In the aftermath of brutalities and mass violations of human rights in Indian Held Kashmir and international perception favoring Kashmiris and Pakistan, India will launch a diversionary effort in near time frame. In addition the strategic efforts against China Pakistan Economic Corridor are likely to be operationalised in near time-frame and US can not allow time space easily for the project. 

The effort could be launched with their Strategic assets and partners along areas of LOC, along Afghanistan Border, Islamabad, Karachi, Gwader, Gilgit and or Quetta. It could be massive terrorist activities in sequels, border escalation with hot pursuit option or a traumatic blow in shape of man made disaster. Since last 10 days or so most Indian channels viewed through satellite systems in Europe, USA, AFRICA etc are screening English dubbed movies showing Pakistan as terrorist heaven while Pakistan Army and ISI as the terrorist sponsoring institutions.There is a news that Indian High Commission staff have been asked to return their families to India. It indicates two possibilities. One, India may be planning for war/border tension in near future.

Two, a massive terror attack in the offing....... ".

.... and the massive terror attack took place yesterday 8 August 2016 in Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan province - leaving almost 100 dead and nearly 200 wounded - some incapacitated for life.

The author continues:

Quetta like carnage will happen again and again and it's not entirely due to our complete failures in all Regards. Lets not overlook what Modi has been standing or stating for regarding Pakistan and what Obama forecasted Pakistan in next ten years or ?

India has achieved a tremendous boost through US, Israel and UK strategic alliance and due to its Econo-demographic might. It is set rolling its regional and global ambitions in the shadow of US and UK hence will achieve impetus with time and intencity of similar traumatic events as well as soft power projections. The Shock and Chaos against Pakistan will remain the predominant application on the lines of Iraq with the purpose of applying pressure vault aiming at " internal implosion" with focus targetting on Quetta, Gawader, Karachi, Peshawar, Gilgit, Lahore and Muzaffarabad. This needs to be flagged as a harsh and stark reality only then we can brace up for a cohesive and efficient response. Addressing our own inadequacies, faultlines, governance and socio-economic vulnerabilites are beyond doubt and it must be our priority ONE. 

While the essential capacity building, enhancing reaction surveillance and intelligence capabilities, policing, community response pattern and all inclusive approach can never be over emphasized. At the same time, Pakistan must achieve and maintain credible deterrence against India's punitive proxy wars potentials and the ambition to subdue Pakistan so as to tender it a complaint state. All options including negotiations and engagements with India at various spectrum of statecraft must take their own course. Though it heavily depends upon if India has this option on table before achieving their mid term objectives? 

Who or how will this be done," this is people centric war aimed to sap our will, resolve, slow bleeding and integrity"...... just stand together against it while first or second responders must deliver their part right.

"No matters what happens; what matters is how we behave when it happens".

It is time now to KNOW YOUR ENEMY and all their cronies; The best way to pay tribute and respects to the victims of foreign sponsored terrorist targeting is by not giving in to the design. Staying united, steadfast, resilient and strong willed is the most appropriate compliments to the fallen. 

Stand up and keep the guards in place while just don't give in to anti Pakistan rhetoric ; prove that we are ready to pay price for our sovereignty, national interests, solidarity, the Kashmir stance, CPEC and for a legitimate role in regional power equations.

About the author: Lieutenant General Agha Umer Farooq (retired) besides serving in Pakistan army for almost four decades is Forner member Board of Directors at Higher Education Commission, Pakistan, and UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and India - Pakistan Track 2 Mil to Mil Dialogue. He is presently Pakistan's ambassador to Nigeria.

Photo Courtesy: Outside the beltway
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